IoT: Building Arduino-Based Projects

Download IoT: Building Arduino-Based Projects written by Peter Waher, Pradeeka Seneviratne, Brian Russell, Drew Van Duren in EPUB format. This book is under the category Computers and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1787120635/9781787120631. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Peter Waher, Pradeeka Seneviratne, Brian Russell, Drew Van Duren


Packt Publishing; 1st edition




736 pages









Book Description

Explore and learn about the Internet of Things to construct interactive Internet projects that are based on Arduino with the help of the ePub version of Building Arduino-Based Projects with IoT.

Regarding This Book




Gain an understanding of the best procedures for keeping your data secure, from your device to the cloud.


Create Internet-connected Arduino devices to give your house a sense of increased safety.


Acquire the skills necessary to secure cyber-physical systems and make use of forensic data analysis in order to combat the risks that exist in your IoT ecosystem.


Gain an understanding of the capabilities of many popular protocols and communication patterns, as well as the distinctions between them, and how they can be used, as well as how they should not be used, to produce secure and interoperable services and devices.



Who Should Read This Book and Why

This class is ideal for you if you work in the field of electronics engineering or software development and have an interest in learning more about the Internet of Things (IoT). It would be beneficial to have some prior expertise in writing using managed code, such as Java or C#, as well as a fundamental grasp of electronics, a Raspberry Pi, or another computer about the size of a credit card. This course is going to be beneficial not only to business analysts but also to managers.


  • What It Is That You Will Pick Up
  • Devices that can be controlled by infrared can be managed using an IR remote and an Arduino.
  • Utilizing GPS, keep track of whereabouts and upload that information to the cloud.
  • Arduino cloud connections can be used to implement real-time data logging of the voltage produced by solar panels.
  • Acquaint yourself with the UPnP, HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, and XMPP protocols, as well as their capabilities and restrictions.
  • Utilizing liquid flow sensors, one may capture information in real time while measuring both the speed and volume of the water flow.
  • Protect your property with Arduino security cameras that record when motion is detected and transfer the captured photos to the cloud.
  • Construct a hand-held Wi-Fi signal strength sensor that may provide the user with haptic feedback regarding the signal’s strength.
  • Designing a safe Internet of Things ecosystem requires adhering to the principles of Systems Security Engineering and Privacy-by-Design.
  • Make use of essential communication patterns such as asynchronous messaging, request/response, event subscription, publish/subscribe, and multicasting techniques.




In Detail

The Internet of Things (IoT): Building Arduino-Based Projects course will lead you on a journey to become an expert in the use of IoT by developing a set of projects, and then it will guide you onto securing your IoT environment. The journey will begin by taking you on a journey to become an expert in the use of IoT by developing a set of projects.

The first part of the class will focus on familiar networking protocols such as HTTP, UPnP, CoAP, MQTT, and XMPP. In the first lesson of the course Learning Internet of Things, you will study the ways in which protocols and patterns can impose constraints on the topology of a network, as well as how these factors influence the flow of communication and the deployment of firewalls. This lesson will provide you with a pragmatic understanding of the major protocols, communication patterns, architectural considerations, and security concerns related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The second module, “Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints,” will provide you with up to eight projects that will enable devices to communicate with each other, access information over the Internet, store and retrieve data, and interact with users, thereby creating environments that are pervasive, intelligent, and always connected. You can use these projects as a basis for designing a wide variety of different Internet of Things applications and then put those designs to good use.

When putting in place new Internet of Things services and solutions, it is now absolutely necessary to make certain that cybersecurity risks are minimized to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, our third module, entitled “Practical Internet of Things Security,” gives you a set of rules to follow in order to design and implement a safe IoT in your enterprise. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate how early adopter sectors are utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) and to discuss how lessons may be learned and shared across a variety of industries to help the development of a secure IoT.


The manner and strategy used.

This course will walk you through the architecture of the Internet of Things; teach you how to build Arduino projects using IoT and cloud computing concepts; help you create smart, pervasive, and always-connected environments; and finally, it will guide you through the process of securing your Internet of Things environment. Each of these has been broken down into its own distinct module, and after one of those modules has been finished, you can move on to the next one feeling confident in your abilities.


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