Behavioral Neuroscience of Learning and Memory

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Robert E. Clark, Stephen Martin






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9783319787558/ 9783030087784

Book Description

The downloadable PDF titled “Behavioral Neuroscience of Learning and Memory” compiles the knowledge and perspectives of a number of the most eminent neuroscientists working in the field of learning and memory research from across the world. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent findings and theories in this field of study. It focuses not only on well-established topics like the memory system of the medial temporal lobe, but also on emerging fields of research like the role of memory in decision making and the mechanisms of perceptual learning. The cellular and molecular underpinnings of memory creation, the diversity of memory systems present in the brain, and the ways in which technology innovation is driving discoveries are some of the key overlapping issues explored in this book. This collection gathers studies from both people and animals, which are typically considered to be rather separate areas of discourse, in order to provide a more comprehensive and compiled view of the field as a whole. This is unusual for a volume of this type. The book will be of interest to both seasoned researchers who have the intention of expanding their knowledge of topics that lie outside of their specific areas of expertise and students who are looking for a resource that will assist them in making sense of the vast amount of scientific literature that exists on this topic.

NOTE: This offering only comes with the downloadable PDF version of the booklet titled “Behavioral Neuroscience of Learning and Memory.” There are no access codes contained within.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-viii
A History and Overview of the Behavioral Neuroscience of Learning and Memory (Robert E. Clark)….Pages 1-11
Current Topics Regarding the Function of the Medial Temporal Lobe Memory System (Robert E. Clark)….Pages 13-42
Neural Activity Patterns Underlying Spatial Coding in the Hippocampus (Marielena Sosa, Anna K. Gillespie, Loren M. Frank)….Pages 43-100
What Versus Where: Non-spatial Aspects of Memory Representation by the Hippocampus (Howard Eichenbaum)….Pages 101-117
The Functional and Structural Neuroanatomy of Systems Consolidation for Autobiographical and Semantic Memory (Adam J. O. Dede, Christine N. Smith)….Pages 119-150
Memory Reconsolidation (Josue Haubrich, Karim Nader)….Pages 151-176
The Sensory Neocortex and Associative Memory (Dominik Aschauer, Simon Rumpel)….Pages 177-211
The Representational Basis of Working Memory (Derek Evan Nee, Mark D’Esposito)….Pages 213-230
The Neuroscience of Human Decision-Making Through the Lens of Learning and Memory (Lesley K. Fellows)….Pages 231-251
Basal Forebrain Cholinergic System and Memory (M. G Blake, M. M Boccia)….Pages 253-273
Habit Formation and the Striatum (Barbara J. Knowlton, Tara K. Patterson)….Pages 275-295
The Anatomy and Physiology of Eyeblink Classical Conditioning (Kaori Takehara-Nishiuchi)….Pages 297-323
Exploration of the Neurobiological Basis for a Three-System, Multiattribute Model of Memory (Raymond P. Kesner)….Pages 325-359

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