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Thanks for shopping at YakiBooki. If you are not satisfied with your purchase on our book store, we are here to help. Since all our products are digital (usually in PDF or ePub format), returns and refunds are not possible. However, we at YakiBooki understand that a person may want a refund due to many reasons, therefore we have the following policy for refunds:

When asking for a refund, please contact us via eMail (preferred), and mention the problem along with your order number and/or email you used for the order and mode of payment. We try to respond within a maximum of 96 hours (We usually respond within 12 hours). Easiest way for you to contact us is be directly replying back to your order delivery email which you received as soon as you completed the payment. Make sure you check the spam box as well.

Contact us if you run into any problems, we are always happy to assist you.


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