Refund Policy

Thanks for shopping at YakiBooki. If you are not satisfied with your purchase in our bookstore, we are here to help. Since all our products are digital (usually in PDF or ePub format), returns and refunds are not possible. However, we at YakiBooki understand that a person may want a refund due to many reasons, therefore we have the following policy for refunds:

  • We have 7 days refund policy in case a product doesn’t meet the description, is the wrong edition, or is not formatted correctly. YakiBooki will refund you the full amount ONLY if we are unable to offer you the correct book.
  • All purchases are final and we DO NOT issue refunds if you:
    Mistakenly purchase the book
    If you feel like the book is lack content
    You are unable to open compressed (zip) files. (Please read our guide on the ordering process.)
  • If we deem that the issue is on our end, we will either issue a replacement, a partial refund, or a full refund based on the situation.

Example scenarios where a customer is eligible for a refund:

  • YakiBooki had mentioned an incorrect edition or book name on the product description page.
  • YakiBooki misdelivered a different edition than it's stated in the product description.

Example scenarios where a customer is NOT eligible for a refund:

  • Customer was looking for a particular edition/book and ordered a different edition/book on YakiBooki eventhough the book's details were clearly stated on the product description.
  • Customer downloaded the product and wants to enjoy a free ebook.

When asking for a refund, please contact us via email (preferred), and mention the problem along with your order number and/or email you used for the order and mode of payment. We try to respond within a maximum of 96 hours (We usually respond within 12 hours). The easiest way for you to contact us is by directly replying back to your order delivery email which you received as soon as you completed the payment. Make sure you check the spam box as well.

Failed orders

Kindly note that the orders might fail due to various reasons. This is out of our hands, and they may fail due to the below reasons:

  • Insufficient funds.
  • The zip code you entered is mismatched with the zip code of the credit card issuing bank (branch).
  • Your credit card expired.
  • Your card details are incorrect.

Sometimes you might get charged when placing an order and still your order might not completed.
Even though you were charged, this is temporary. The charge will eventually disappear.

Please contact us if you still see the charge after 2-3 days.

Fraud and Scams

Please note that we take no part in fraudulent activities or scams. We deliver what we promise. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you need any clarification or support regarding your order, kindly contact us using the following links. We are always happy to assist you.

Contact us by email: