Contemporary Auditing (11th Edition)

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Michael C. Knapp


Cengage Learning; 11th edition




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Book Description

The 11th edition of Knapp’s Contemporary Auditing (PDF) helps readers get ready for the demanding duties that come with working in the public accounting profession. The “people” component of independent audits is emphasized throughout this ecasebook. Students are taught how to avoid “audit failures,” which are most commonly caused by client personnel who purposefully sabotage an audit or by auditors who fail to carry out their tasks in the appropriate manner. Accounting students benefit from a comprehensive analysis of problem audits since it enables them to spot the warning signs that are typical of failed audits. Readers will be better prepared to face potentially difficult situations in their own professional accounting careers or careers related to accounting if these issues are discussed and dissected in detail. In addition, readers will get a deeper comprehension of audit techniques, ethical principles, auditing standards, and other topics associated with independent auditing. All readers will obtain a more intuitive and in-depth grasp of auditing basics as a result of studying these concepts in the context of real-world applications. This will transfer into enhanced performance on professional examinations such as the CPA exam and the CFA exam.

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Brief Contents
Section 1: Comprehensive Cases
Case 1.1 Enron Corporation
Case 1.2 Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.
Case 1.3 Just for FEET, Inc.
Case 1.4 Health Management, Inc.
Case 1.5 The Leslie Fay Companies
Case 1.6 Le-Nature’s Inc.
Case 1.7 Navistar International Corporation
Case 1.8 Livent, Inc.
Case 1.9 ZZZZ Best Company, Inc.
Case 1.10 DHB Industries, Inc.
Case 1.11 New Century Financial Corporation
Case 1.12 Madoff Securities
Case 1.13 AA Capital Partners, Inc.
Section 2: Audits of High-Risk Accounts
Case 2.1 Jack Greenberg, Inc.
Case 2.2 Golden Bear Golf, Inc.
Case 2.3 Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Case 2.4 General Motors Company
Case 2.5 Lipper Holdings, LLC
Case 2.6 CBI Holding Company, Inc.
Case 2.7 Bankrate, Inc.
Case 2.8 Belot Enterprises
Case 2.9 Powder River Petroleum International, Inc.
Case 2.10 LocatePlus Holdings Corporation
Case 2.11, Inc.
Case 2.12 Parker-Halsey Corporation
Section 3: Internal Control Issues
Case 3.1 The Trolley Dodgers
Case 3.2 Howard Street Jewelers, Inc.
Case 3.3 Avon Products, Inc.
Case 3.4 First Keystone Bank
Case 3.5 Goodner Brothers, Inc.
Case 3.6 Buranello’s Ristorante
Case 3.7 Saks Fifth Avenue
Case 3.8 The Boeing Company
Case 3.9 Walmart de Mexico
Section 4: Ethical Responsibilities of Accountants
Case 4.1 Creve Couer Pizza, Inc.
Case 4.2 F&C International, Inc.
Case 4.3 Suzette Washington, Accounting Major
Case 4.4 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Case 4.5 Wiley Jackson, Accounting Major
Case 4.6 Arvel Smart, Accounting Major
Case 4.7 Zane Corbin, Accounting Major
Case 4.8 Dell Inc.
Section 5: Ethical Responsibilities of Independent Auditors
Case 5.1 Cardillo Travel Systems, Inc.
Case 5.2 American International Group, Inc.
Case 5.3 Caesars Entertainment Corporation
Case 5.4 IPOC International Growth Fund,Ltd.
Case 5.5 Le-Nature’s Inc., Part II
Case 5.6 Richard Grimes, Staff Accountant
Section 6: Professional Roles
Case 6.1 Leigh Ann Walker, Staff Accountant
Case 6.2 Bill DeBurger, In-Charge Accountant
Case 6.3 Hamilton Wong, In-Charge Accountant
Case 6.4 Tommy O’Connell, Audit Senior
Case 6.5 Avis Love, Staff Accountant
Case 6.6 Charles Tollison, Audit Manager
Case 6.7 Madison Wells, Audit Manager
Case 6.8 Tillman Rollins, Office Managing Partner
Section 7: Professional Issues
Case 7.1 Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Case 7.2 Sarah Russell, Staff Accountant
Case 7.3 Washington Council Ernst & Young
Case 7.4 Internet Infamy
Case 7.5 Fred Stern & Company, Inc. (Ultramares Corporation v. Touche et al.)
Case 7.6 First Securities Company of Chicago (Ernst & Ernst v. Hochfelder et al.)
Case 7.7 Texas Drug Warehouse
Case 7.8 Frank Coleman, Staff Accountant
Case 7.9 Olivia Thomas, Audit Senior
Section 8: International Cases
Case 8.1 Longtop Financial Technologies Limited
Case 8.2 Kaset Thai Sugar Company
Case 8.3 Republic of Somalia
Case 8.4 Republic of the Sudan
Case 8.5 Shari’a
Case 8.6 Olympus Corporation


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