Eye Movement Research: An Introduction to its Scientific Foundations and Applications

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Book Description

This edited publication, titled Eye Movement Research: An Introduction to its Scientific Foundations and Applications (PDF), discusses the principles of oculomotor research in addition to its applications in clinical and industrial contexts.

The scope of this discussion includes 1) fundamentals and foundational content; 2) methodologies including recording techniques, Markov models, pupillometry, Lévy flights, and many more; and 3) a diverse array of applications in clinical and industrial settings. Although research professionals and practitioners make up the bulk of the book’s intended readership, graduate students are not excluded from the book’s potential benefits.

Please take note that this only includes the Eye Movement Research: An Introduction to its Scientific Foundations and Applications PDF.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xiv
Front Matter ….Pages 1-1
Introduction to the Study of Eye Movements (Pierre Pouget)….Pages 3-10
Saccades: Fundamentals and Neural Mechanisms (Jordan E. Pierce, Brett A. Clementz, Jennifer E. McDowell)….Pages 11-71
Fixational Eye Movements (Robert G. Alexander, Susana Martinez-Conde)….Pages 73-115
Smooth Eye Movements in Humans: Smooth Pursuit, Optokinetic Nystagmus and Vestibular Ocular Reflex (Rebekka Lencer, Andreas Sprenger, Peter Trillenberg)….Pages 117-163
Visual Perception and Eye Movements (Mark W. Greenlee, Hubert Kimmig)….Pages 165-196
Scenes, Saliency Maps and Scanpaths (Tom Foulsham)….Pages 197-238
Eye Movements During Reading (Jukka Hyönä, Johanna K. Kaakinen)….Pages 239-274
Front Matter ….Pages 275-275
Eye Tracking Methodology (S. B. Hutton)….Pages 277-308
Advanced Statistical Methods for Eye Movement Analysis and Modelling: A Gentle Introduction (Giuseppe Boccignone)….Pages 309-405
Temporal Methods for Eye Movement Analysis (Walter F. Bischof, Nicola C. Anderson, Alan Kingstone)….Pages 407-448
Pupillometry (Bruno Laeng, Dag Alnaes)….Pages 449-502
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Eye Movements: Introduction to Methods and Basic Phenomena (Sharna D. Jamadar, Beth Johnson)….Pages 503-548
Eye Movement Recordings in Natural Settings (Benjamin W. Tatler, Dan Witzner Hansen, Jeff B. Pelz)….Pages 549-592
Eye Movements in Primates—An Experimental Approach (Kevin Johnston, Stefan Everling)….Pages 593-631
Front Matter ….Pages 633-633
Typical and Atypical Development of Eye Movements (Christoph Klein, Divya Seernani, Chara Ioannou, Yoanna Schulz-Zhecheva, Monica Biscaldi, Michael Kavšek)….Pages 635-701
Eye Movements in Psychiatry (Nikolaos Smyrnis, Isabelle Amado, Marie-Odile Krebs, John A. Sweeney)….Pages 703-748
Eye Movements in Neurology (René Müri, Dario Cazzoli, Thomas Nyffeler)….Pages 749-774
Eye Movements as Biomarkers to Evaluate Pharmacological Effects on Brain Systems (Tatiana Karpouzian, Nadine Petrovsky, Ulrich Ettinger, James Reilly)….Pages 775-816
Front Matter ….Pages 817-817
Neuromarketing (Matthias Rothensee, Philipp Reiter)….Pages 819-855
Neuroeconomics (Susann Fiedler, Ulrich Ettinger, Bernd Weber)….Pages 857-882
Web Usability and Eyetracking (Volker Thoma, Jon Dodd)….Pages 883-927
Eye Movements in Vehicle Control (Agnes Rosner, Thomas Franke, Frederik Platten, Christiane Attig)….Pages 929-969
Eye Movements and Human-Computer Interaction (Päivi Majaranta, Kari-Jouko Räihä, Aulikki Hyrskykari, Oleg Špakov)….Pages 971-1015

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