Kanban Maturity Model: Evolving Fit-For-Purpose Organizations

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David J. Anderson, Teodora Bozheva


Lean Kanban University Press; 1st edition











Book Description

The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) is an innovative and extremely effective tool for consultants and coaches that advise large and medium-sized businesses on the Kanban Method’s application to organizational change and improvement.

David J. Anderson, author of the popular book “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business,” and Teodora Bozheva, co-author of the “Kanban Maturity Model (PDF),” mapped out seven levels of organizational maturity against the six standard practices of Kanban to verify appropriate application of Kanban practices and successful adoption of the strategy. Kanban Maturity Model (PDF) was developed by David J. Anderson. The KMM outlines a road map and specific measures that businesses may take to achieve both health-for-objective and distinctive business agility.

This book is written for managers, business consultants, company change agents, and coaches who are responsible for guiding medium- and large-scale companies through transitions to improve their operations and service provision. This book is for businesses who strive to superior business agility; to deliver match-for-objective services; to make customers comfortable; and to provide the security of long-term survival associated with mature organizations that constantly meet or surpass the expectations of their customers. Overreaching, false summit plateaus, imposing an aborted begin, and failing to realize complete profit are the two most prevalent failure modes that can occur during the implementation of Kanban. The KMM is designed to eliminate these two typical failure modes. KMM equips advisors with the knowledge necessary to apply the ideal amount of constructive pressure to encourage improvement while avoiding the risk of overdoing it and causing a decline in the performance of the organization as a whole. This booklet will go over:


  • Advantages of Utilizing the KMM
  • Acquiring Knowledge of the Seven Maturity Levels of Kanban
  • The KMM Architecture, in addition to a comprehensive comprehension of the model
  • Contains highly essential teaching tips that make the correct execution of particular activities easier to accomplish.
  • How the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) drive maturity and functionality to enable health-for-objective and corporate agility
  • Detailed explanation of the best practices and KPIs to implement for effective workflow management, along with instructions on how to do so.
  • Provides a comprehensive collection of example kanban boards that are suitable for the entire spectrum of organizational maturity levels
  • Defines the real Kanban methods that enable for the delivery of high-quality products and services while simultaneously optimizing financial outcomes.
  • It assigns twenty cultural values to each of the seven maturity levels, so enabling management to provide direction and training for a more robust and user-friendly corporate culture.
  • KMM-specific practices have been codified after more than 10 years of Kanban implementations in businesses ranging in size from extremely small to extremely large; spanning five continents and a wide variety of industries.
  • Draws 132 specific practices in comparison to the six standard practices of the Kanban Method and seven maturity levels, describing the aim, value, and expected consequences from each practice.
  • Describes how KMM can be utilized in conjunction with contemporary practices and approaches, in particular Lean/TPS, CMMI, Real World Risk Model (developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb), and Mission Command/Auftragstaktik.
  • KMM organizes the body of knowledge that coaches and companies need to cultivate sustainable change, cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, establish unity around a shared goal, and improve business results. KMM is a framework for knowledge management.
  • The whole collection of kanban board designs includes ideas for displaying work objects, workflows of varying types and degrees of complexity, risks, shared resources, lessons of service, and other aspects of complex interdependent business services.
  • The KMM will assist you in preventing the two most typical failure types in Kanban implementations, which include causing an aborted start, overreaching, false peak plateaus, and failing to perceive the entire profit. Both of these issues may be avoided by using the KMM. Utilize the model to gain an understanding of the current circumstance that your organization is in and to elucidate the appropriate actions that could lead it to the desired condition.



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