Knots: Post-Lacanian Psychoanalysis; Literature and Film

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Jean-Michel Rabaté


Routledge; 1st edition










0367433702; 2019952079; 1000754081; 1003002722


9780367433703/ 9781003002727/ 9781000754087

Book Description

Knots: Post-Lacanian Psychoanalysis; Literature and Film; (PDF) a set of specifically commissioned essays supplies a wide selection of latest psychoanalytic approaches influenced by Lacanian principle; put up-colonial research; queer research; feminism; and deconstruction within the domains of movie and literature. We have witnessed a tremendous return to psychoanalysis in these fields; fields from which it had been excluded or discredited for some time. This has modified these days; and we have to perceive why.

In Knots: Post-Lacanian Psychoanalysis; Literature and Film (Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory); the fourteen essays make use of just lately minted psychoanalytic ideas to learn various texttooks; movies; and social practices. The outstanding authors gathered right here; a world group of students coming from Japan; Korea; India; China; Belgium; Greece; Australia; France; and the USA; are all cognizant of the advances of principle below the type of deconstruction; postcolonial research; feminism; and trauma research.

These essays consider the most recent developments in Lacanian principle and by no means bracket off subjective company when coping with movie or literature. The authors make sense of modifications dropped at psychoanalytical principle by redefinitions of the Oedipus advanced; reconsiderations of the loss of life drive; functions of Lacan’s symptom and the idea of the Real; reassessments of the associations between impact and trauma; consciousness of the position of transference in classical and modernist texts; and pedagogical methods focused at instructing tough texts; insights into the resilience of Romantic extra and jouissance; all of the whereas testifying to the affect on Lacanian principle of thinkers like Maurice Blanchot; Melanie Klein; Roland Barthes; Didier Anzieu; Judith Butler; Gilles Deleuze; Jacques Derrida; Alain Badiou; and Slavoj Zizek.


That the knot which links literature and film to psychoanalysis is intimate and durable is the beautifully validated premise of this collection. Over the past century periodic attempts to sever this tie have been met with reintroduced; and often more vigorous; forms of attachment. In the face of today’s post-critical calls for a definitive severance; several essays assembled here demonstrate; in ways wily; robust and rigorous; why this knot cannot be unloosed.”
— Joan Copjec; Brown University

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