Sabiston Textbook of Surgery: The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice (20th Edition)

Download Sabiston Textbook of Surgery: The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice (20th Edition) written by Courtney M. Townsend Jr., R. Daniel Beauchamp, B. Mark Evers, Kenneth L. Mattox in PDF format. This book is under the category Medicine and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 323299873/9780323299879. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Courtney M. Townsend Jr., R. Daniel Beauchamp, B. Mark Evers, Kenneth L. Mattox


Elsevier; 20th edition




2176 pages









Book Description

Since its initial release in 1936, the Sabiston Textbook of Surgery has been widely considered as the most authoritative source for definitive guidance in all facets of general surgery. The Sabiston Textbook of Surgery: The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice, which is now in its 20th edition and available as a PDF, continues the long and illustrious tradition of excellence that has made this classic textbook virtually synonymous with the field of surgery and an integral part of the education of many generations of surgeons, surgical residents, and other surgical professionals. This classic text has been meticulously revised throughout, and it provides a condensed coverage of the extensive body of knowledge required for the practice and certification of general surgery. Intraoperative illustrations are detailed and full-color, and high-quality video clips capture key teaching moments, allowing you to better understand the fundamental science of surgery, making it possible for you to make the most informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcomes for every patient.


– The 20th edition of The Sabiston Textbook of Surgery, which covers The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice –



  • Streamline the process of making clinical decisions by increasing the quantity of schematic diagrams and crucial data on the results of surgical procedures.
  • Using the most reliable guidance available in your industry, you can successfully navigate strange scenarios, triumph over difficult obstacles, and sidestep issues.
  • To make educated decisions about surgical procedures and to get the best possible results, it is necessary to have a firm grasp of the underlying scientific principles as well as their clinical applications.
  • Gather all of the most recent, relevant, and critical information regarding the most recent surgical views and treatment approaches, including the most recent breakthroughs in minimally invasive surgery and percutaneous devices. This information is necessary.
  • Explore subjects that are encountered by general surgery residents while they are in training, as well as in-depth coverage of subspecialty fields, including as head and neck, vascular, thoracic, neurology, urology, pediatrics, and gynecological surgery.
  • Visually grasp tough concepts and remember them owing to a design that is in full color and features an abundance of drawings, video clips, and tables; intraoperative images; and more schematic diagrams that make it easier to understand surgical techniques and procedures.

Get the breadth of coverage you need in a single volume that is easy to access and is organized by organ as well as along traditional lines. The book starts off with principles that are common to all surgical specialties, such as fluid and electrolyte management, metabolic support, and wound healing. In the following parts, we will discuss the management of injuries, as well as cancer, transplantation, endocrine, breast, and abdominal surgeries. – The Twenty-First Edition of the Sabiston Textbook of Surgery –

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