American Corrections: Concepts and Controversies (2nd Edition)

Download American Corrections: Concepts and Controversies (2nd Edition) written by Barry A. Krisberg, Susan Marchionna, Christopher Hartney in PDF format. This book is under the category Law and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1506362362; 1544324677/9781506362366/ 9781544324678. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Barry A. Krisberg, Susan Marchionna, Christopher Hartney


SAGE Publications; Inc; 2nd edition




510 pages






1506362362; 1544324677


9781506362366/ 9781544324678

Book Description

The Second Edition of American Corrections; (PDF) provides you with an introduction that focuses on current topics and is up to date, covering every facet of corrections and pushing you to think critically about complicated challenges that are affecting the penal system in the United States today. The second edition of this book, which incorporates the most recent research, theory, and data that are available, urges you to investigate the most advanced and interesting advances in correctional policy and practice. The authors, Susan Marchionna, Barry A. Krisberg, and Christopher J. Hartney, draw on years of professional experience to give you a practical knowledge of corrections. In addition, they provide a framework for thoughtful analysis into what is plaguing the American correctional system and a realistic exploration of the solutions that could make a big difference. This book can be purchased here.

Something brand new for the 2nd Edition:


  • You are better able to comprehend the most recent tendencies in correctional practices with the assistance of up-to-date statistics, references, judicial opinions, and data.
  • The newly added Spotlight boxes will educate you about important topics, such as immigration and detention, as well as the scourge of opioid addiction.
  • The most recent coverage of today’s most pressing concerns takes into account the most recent advancements in the field of corrections. These advances include the financial impact of corrections, reforms in the field of corrections, and an increased use of alternatives to incarceration.
  • An in-depth examination of the policies that have been proposed by the Trump administration demonstrates how the approach taken by the current administration is distinct from the sentencing reforms implemented during the Obama era and encourages students to engage in critical thinking about the potential effects on the justice system.
  • You are encouraged to engage in critical thinking about problem-solving courts, probation, split sentences and flash incarceration, new recidivism studies, rates of racial and ethnic disparity in adult and juvenile corrections, and over-representation of youth of color in prisons as a result of debates concerning the efficacy of corrections.
  • It is discussed recent trends in order to give you a clearer picture of how the correctional system has changed over the years. These trends include the reduction in the practice of incarcerating juveniles in large prisons, the increase in the incarceration rate for women, the treatment of mentally ill inmates, the growth of private prisons, and a number of other topics.



This ebook is not too lengthy for students to feel overwhelmed by the decision to buy it or deterred from reading it because of its length. — Makeda Carr

“Offers comprehensive and valuable extra instructional tools, as well as sidebars that are thought-provoking and well-cited.” — C. Adkinson, Cary

“Complete, up-to-date, and interesting textbook with distinctive characteristics that make it suitable for both in-person and online courses in current corrections.” — Ronald Everett

“It is an exhaustive and focused study on American corrections that provides students with a solid opportunity to learn not only how the correctional system operates but also to appreciate its constantly expanding complications.” “It is a complete and focused book on American corrections.” — Dorie Astle

“I would (and have) highly recommended this textbook to peers because of its comprehensive and straightforward approach to critically examining the contemporary landscape of the American penal system,” the author writes in the introduction to the book. I would also like to stress the critical lens that the textbook is written through, and I would like to emphasize how important it is that college students learn about this perspective as part of their education in the field of corrections. — Darin Haerle


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