Architectured Materials in Nature and Engineering: Archimats

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Yuri Estrin, Yves Brechet, John Dunlop, Peter Fratzl






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Book Description

The topic of architectured materials is explored in detail in the book “Architectured Materials in Nature and Engineering: Archimats,” which is available in PDF format. These are hybrid materials in which the ingredients, which can be very distinct to one another, are joined in a specific geometry and topology to create qualities that are in opposition to one another. The hybridization that is discussed in the e-book takes place on a variety of scales, ranging from the microscopic (that is, on the sub-centimeter level) to the molecular. This monograph is a collection of programming chapters that discuss topics such as defining archimats and summarizing the results produced by employing the geometry-inspired materials design.

The field of architecturally or geometrically inspired materials has reached a certain level of maturity and visibility, making it possible for a thorough presentation to be made in the form of a book. It is written by a collective of authors who are currently engaged in research on a variety of issues pertaining to architecturally designed materials. The e-book is broken up into 14 chapters, each of which offers a definition and explanation of a different archetype of architectured material. These chapters also discuss the many methods that may be used to optimize, create, and manufacture these architectured materials. It examines a wide variety of potential uses for archimats, ranging from those that are found in nature to those that have been engineered, and it covers a broad spectrum of archimats. Reading this book will provide readers in the materials science community and beyond with material that is both scientifically profound and amusing all at the same time.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xix
Microtruss Composites (Khaled Abu Samk, Glenn D. Hibbard)….Pages 1-21
Topological Interlocking Materials (A. V. Dyskin, Yuri Estrin, E. Pasternak)….Pages 23-49
Architectured Materials with Inclusions Having Negative Poisson’s Ratio or Negative Stiffness (E. Pasternak, A. V. Dyskin)….Pages 51-87
Computational Homogenization of Architectured Materials (Justin Dirrenberger, Samuel Forest, Dominique Jeulin)….Pages 89-139
Design Methods for Architectured Materials (F. X. Kromm, H. Wargnier)….Pages 141-171
Topological Optimization with Interfaces (N. Vermaak, G. Michailidis, A. Faure, G. Parry, R. Estevez, F. Jouve et al.)….Pages 173-193
Friction Stir Processing for Architectured Materials (Aude Simar, Marie-Noëlle Avettand-Fènoël)….Pages 195-229
Severe Plastic Deformation as a Way to Produce Architectured Materials (Yan Beygelzimer, Roman Kulagin, Yuri Estrin)….Pages 231-255
Architectured Polymeric Materials Produced by Additive Manufacturing (Andrey Molotnikov, George P. Simon, Yuri Estrin)….Pages 257-285
Mechanics of Arthropod Cuticle-Versatility by Structural and Compositional Variation (Yael Politi, Benny Bar-On, Helge-Otto Fabritius)….Pages 287-327
The Multiscale Architectures of Fish Bone and Tessellated Cartilage and Their Relation to Function (Ronald Seidel, Aravind K. Jayasankar, Ron Shahar, Mason N. Dean)….Pages 329-353
Insect-Inspired Distributed Flow-Sensing: Fluid-Mediated Coupling Between Sensors (Gijs J. M. Krijnen, Thomas Steinmann, Ram K. Jaganatharaja, Jérôme Casas)….Pages 355-392
Architectured Materials in Building Energy Efficiency (Bernard Yrieix)….Pages 393-421
Topological Interlocking Blocks for Architecture: From Flat to Curved Morphologies (Giuseppe Fallacara, Maurizio Barberio, Micaela Colella)….Pages 423-445
Back Matter ….Pages 447-452


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