Astrobiology: From the Origins of Life to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Download Astrobiology: From the Origins of Life to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence written by Akihiko Yamagishi, Takeshi Kakegawa, Tomohiro Usui in PDF format. This book is under the category Astronomy and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 9811336385/9789811336386. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Akihiko Yamagishi, Takeshi Kakegawa, Tomohiro Usui


Springer; 1st edition




465 pages









Book Description

This cutting-edge and concise ebook on astrobiology is available in PDF format and is titled Astrobiology: From the Origins of Life to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Astrobiology is a still-emerging and young multidisciplinary field of science that addresses the fundamental questions of how life originated and diversified on Earth; what is the future for life on Earth; and whether life exists beyond Earth. Readers will find coverage of the most recent understanding of a wide variety of fascinating topics, such as the formation of the solar system, the history of Earth as revealed by geology, the origins of life, the evolution of intelligence on Earth, the implications of genome data, insights from research on extremophiles, and the possibility of the existence of life on other planets within and beyond the solar system. Every chapter includes a concise assessment of the current state of the topic that is being discussed, sufficient references to enable more in-depth study, and explanations of recent findings as well as forthcoming missions or planned research. This interesting and thought-provoking ebook was written by renowned experts in the fields of planetary science, astronomy, geoscience, biology, chemistry, and physics. It will appeal to all scientists and students who are interested in space and life.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-ix
Front Matter ….Pages 1-1
What Is Astrobiology? (Akihiko Yamagishi)….Pages 3-7
Front Matter ….Pages 9-9
Prebiotic Complex Organic Molecules in Space (Masatoshi Ohishi)….Pages 11-21
Chemical Interactions Among Organics, Water, and Minerals in the Early Solar System (Hikaru Yabuta)….Pages 23-42
Prebiotic Synthesis of Bioorganic Compounds by Simulation Experiments (Kensei Kobayashi)….Pages 43-61
RNA Synthesis Before the Origin of Life (Yoshihiro Furukawa)….Pages 63-74
Front Matter ….Pages 75-75
RNA World (Shotaro Ayukawa, Toshihiko Enomoto, Daisuke Kiga)….Pages 77-90
The Common Ancestor of All Modern Life (Satoshi Akanuma)….Pages 91-103
Eukaryotes Appearing (Shin-ichi Yokobori, Ryutaro Furukawa)….Pages 105-121
Color of Photosynthetic Systems: Importance of Atmospheric Spectral Segregation Between Direct and Diffuse Radiation (Atsushi Kume)….Pages 123-135
Evolution of Photosynthetic System (Satoshi Hanada)….Pages 137-152
Cosmolinguistics: Necessary Components for the Emergence of a Language-Like Communication System in a Habitable Planet (Kazuo Okanoya)….Pages 153-166
Evolution of Intelligence on the Earth (Mariko Hiraiwa-Hasegawa)….Pages 167-176
Front Matter ….Pages 177-177
Formation of Planetary Systems (Shigeru Ida)….Pages 179-196
Evolution of Early Atmosphere (Hidenori Genda)….Pages 197-207
Biogenic and Abiogenic Graphite in Minerals and Rocks of the Early Earth (Takeshi Kakegawa)….Pages 209-227
Cellular Microfossils and Possible Microfossils in the Paleo- and Mesoarchean (Kenichiro Sugitani)….Pages 229-259
Great Oxidation Event and Snowball Earth (Eiichi Tajika, Mariko Harada)….Pages 261-271
End-Paleozoic Mass Extinction: Hierarchy of Causes and a New Cosmoclimatological Perspective for the Largest Crisis (Yukio Isozaki)….Pages 273-301
Mass Extinction at the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) Boundary (Teruyuki Maruoka)….Pages 303-320
Front Matter ….Pages 321-321
Limits of Terrestrial Life and Biosphere (Ken Takai)….Pages 323-344
What Geology and Mineralogy Tell Us About Water on Mars (Tomohiro Usui)….Pages 345-352
Atmosphere of Mars (Hiromu Nakagawa)….Pages 353-366
The Search for Life on Mars (Yoshitaka Yoshimura)….Pages 367-381
Active Surface and Interior of Europa as a Potential Deep Habitat (Jun Kimura)….Pages 383-397
Enceladus: Evidence and Unsolved Questions for an Ice-Covered Habitable World (Yasuhito Sekine, Takazo Shibuya, Shunichi Kamata)….Pages 399-407
Astrobiology on Titan: Geophysics to Organic Chemistry (Hiroshi Imanaka)….Pages 409-418
Panspermia Hypothesis: History of a Hypothesis and a Review of the Past, Present, and Future Planned Missions to Test This Hypothesis (Yuko Kawaguchi)….Pages 419-428
Extrasolar Planetary Systems (Motohide Tamura)….Pages 429-440
How to Search for Possible Bio-signatures on Earth-Like Planets: Beyond a Pale Blue Dot (Yasushi Suto)….Pages 441-450
SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) (Hisashi Hirabayashi)….Pages 451-459
Possible Cultural Impact of Extraterrestrial Life, if It Were to Be Found (Junichi Watanabe)….Pages 461-465

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