Caring in Nursing Classics: An Essential Resource 1st Edition (PDF)

Download Caring in Nursing Classics: An Essential Resource 1st Edition (PDF) written by Marlaine C. Smith in PDF format. This book is under the category Nursing and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 826171117/978-0826171115. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Marlaine C. Smith


Springer Publishing Company; 1 edition




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Book Description

Marlaine C. Smith, Marian C. Turkel, and Zane Robinson Wolf are the authors of the first edition of Caring in Nursing Classics: An Essential Resource.

This is an essential resource for nursing educators as well as students of nursing at all levels who are looking for fundamental insights into the art and science of caring for others. The book contains 37 classic textbook chapters and journal articles written by leaders in the field. These chapters and articles illuminate the evolution of the caring paradigm, from its beginnings as an ethical/ethical/theoretical guide to nursing, to implications for the future development of caring science. The book can be purchased here.

Co-published with the Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI), this book will serve as a primary resource not only for students enrolled in WCSI programs but also for students participating in in-service education programs, particularly those offered in hospitals that have Magnet status or are working toward achieving Magnet status. Each portion begins with an introductory essay that sheds light on significant ideas, and then it moves on to reflection questions that are geared toward graduate, baccalaureate, and doctoral students respectively.

An in-depth analysis of the development of caring scholarship is provided in the book, as well as systematic reviews of the concept of caring, theoretical perspectives, including conceptual orientations, middle-range theories, and grand theories, seminal research studies, research designs and methods, practice models for the integration of caring within contemporary hospital-based practice environments, caring in communities and for the environment, and leaders in caring. The book is organized into nine sections.

Principal Attributes:


  • The seminal literature on caring is included in this volume.
  • Questions designed to stimulate introspection and critical thought, organized according to academic level
  • As a central resource for WCSI programs and for use in graduate, baccalaureate, and doctorate education as well as in-service training





In the Words of the Author


Marlaine C. Smith is an RN, PhD, AHN-BC, and FAAN. She is the Dean of the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University, where she also serves as the Helen K. Persson Eminent Scholar (FAU). She was a member of the faculty at the School of Nursing at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center from 1988 until 2006, during which time she held the positions of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of the Center for Integrative Caring Practice for a combined total of six years. Since 1976, she has worked as a nurse educator, and in addition to that, she has held professor positions at Duquesne University, Pennsylvania State University, and LaRoche College in Pittsburgh. The effects of touch therapy as a form of compassionate expression have been the subject of Dr. Smith’s research. She has penned a wide variety of publications relating to care, including those that are theoretical, philosophical, research, practice, and review articles. Her most recent accomplishment is the formulation of a middle-range theory of unitary caring, which she worked on. Co-editing the third edition of Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice with Marilyn Parker was one of her many accomplishments.


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