Fundamentals of Nursing (10th Edition)

Download Fundamentals of Nursing (10th Edition) written by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Stockert, Amy Hall in PDF format. This book is under the category Nursing and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 032367772X; 0323677738; 0323749615/9780323677721/ 9780323677738/ 9780323749619. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Stockert, Amy Hall


Mosby; 10th edition




Pages [4843 in converted PDF]






032367772X; 0323677738; 0323749615


9780323677721/ 9780323677738/ 9780323749619

Book Description

Gain the knowledge and experience necessary to provide excellent nursing care by reading this book! The tenth edition of Fundamentals of Nursing (PDF), written by the experienced authors at Potter/Perry/Stockert/Hall, will get you ready for a successful career as a nurse by giving you a solid foundation in medical reasoning, essential considering, proof-primarily based apply, nursing concept, and affected person-centered care in all practice settings. This book makes it simple to learn important processes and skills by providing detailed, illustrated instructions in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format. Case studies demonstrate how concepts can be implemented into nursing practice, and care plans are presented within the context of a nursing process framework. This nursing textbook is a best-seller because it was written by a staff of professional writers led by Professor Anne Perry and Dr. Patricia Potter. It helps nursing college students develop the medical reasoning and understanding they need to be successful in the classroom and throughout their careers.

Some of the possibilities available in the brand new 10th edition of Fundamentals of Nursing are as follows:



  • NEW! Interprofessional collaboration and cooperation is being highlighted in a more prominent manner.
  • The nursing responsibilities that can and cannot be transferred are outlined in Considerations for Delegation.
  • NEW topics include issues pertaining to firearms, patient safety, the opioid epidemic, and electronic device addiction.
  • The Nursing Assessment Questions boxes will instruct you on how to phrase questions in a way that is beneficial to patients.
  • More than thirty procedural hints provide concise, step-by-step guidelines for improving the effectiveness of primary talent.
  • The NEW objectives are explicitly and precisely related to the content material, which makes it easier to identify information that is relevant.
  • In the chapter titled “Evidence-Based Practice,” the ways in which nursing research contributes to the determination of best practices are discussed.
  • BRAND NEW! Reflect Now provides you with information by walking you through an in-depth analysis of a contemporary medical innovation.
  • The containers that are labeled “Focus on Older Persons” contain information that focuses on important aspects of nursing evaluation and care for older adults.
  • NEW! Through the use of medical reasoning, Reflective Learning enables you to take into consideration both your real-world and simulated medical experiences.
  • BRAND NEW! You will become familiar with the most cutting-edge medical technology as well as treatments thanks to the addition of over one hundred new photographs.
  • Over fifty different nursing specialties are presented in a two-column format, each with detailed instructions and explanations of the reasoning behind each step.
  • The Unexpected Outcomes and Related Interventions section of each talent gives you a heads-up about probable problems and the appropriate nursing activities to take in response to them.
  • In each and every medical chapter, there is a section titled “Critical Thinking Models,” which demonstrates how to apply the nursing process and critical thinking in order to make appropriate medical decisions.
  • BRAND NEW! Teach Back is incorporated into the evaluation portion of the inpatient education bins, which serves to emphasize the need of maintaining open lines of communication.
  • NEW! The physical and mental health of patients of all ages, from pediatric to geriatric, are taken into consideration when developing guidelines for the most effective use of health screening.
  • 50 in-text case studies feature medical application questions and workouts, giving you with the opportunity to practice employing care plans and concept maps.
  • NEW! The guidance provided in the chapter “Caring for Patients with Chronic Illness” will aid you in meeting the specific health care requirements of patients who are afflicted with a chronic illness.
  • The Patient Safety and Quality chapter focuses on how these ideas might be applied to nursing practice and has an expert who discusses ways to prevent falls in healthcare settings.
  • The information contained in the boxes that are labeled “Cultural Aspects of Care” provides a concise summary of cultural considerations as well as helpful hints for catering to the cultural requirements and preferences of patients.
  • Patient Teaching Boxes encourage effective patient education by first determining the outcomes of the training, then developing techniques for instructing patients and assessing their level of compliance.
  • Building Competency bins provide a concise summary of the QSEN competencies. Each competency bin includes a medical scenario as well as a variety of other open-ended questions that can assist you in comprehending and using these fundamental capabilities.
  • You will be assisted in planning and prioritizing comprehensive patient care by the planning sections, which cover topics like as Goals and Outcomes, Setting Priorities, and Teamwork and Collaboration, respectively.
  • The Evidence-Based Practice boxes in each chapter feature a PICO question (Problem; Intervention; Comparison; and Outcome) and summarize a research study and its application to nursing practice.
  • Review questions are included in each chapter to determine how well you remember the key concepts presented in that chapter. The answers to these questions, along with their rationales, can be found in the book as well as on the companion website for Evolve. At least four of these questions are presented in a different format.
  • The companion website for Evolve contains a variety of useful learning tools, such as videos demonstrating nursing skills, checklists of relevant skills, a guide to fluids and electrolytes, a concept map creator, key points that can be printed out, answers to questions posed in the book, and an audio glossary, among other things.



Dr. Patricia A. Potter explores the development of the textbook in the following ways:

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