Child Abuse and Neglect (2nd Edition)

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Monica L.MaCoy, Stefanie M. Keen


Psychology Press; 2nd edition




429 pages









Book Description

This ebook, Child Abuse and Neglect 2nd edition (PDF), discusses the abuse and neglect of children, including the most recent research on the topic, what it comprises, and how to spot and report instances of abuse and neglect. Many types of professionals are required by federal law to make reports of suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. This ebook will be of interest to anyone who, at some point in their lives, will be required to perform the duties of a mandated reporter.

A variety of interactive teaching methods are incorporated throughout:


  • The content of the boxes labeled “Focus on Research” offers a more in-depth look at research or approaches.


  • Case studies and spirited debates stimulate conversation about the ambiguous regions that exist in the industry.


  • The glossary includes the main phrases that are boldfaced and are defined when they are first presented in the book.


  • Students in higher education are helped to concentrate on the major ideas presented in each chapter by the inclusion of definitions and conclusions.


  • Both the Legal Examples and Focus on Law sections provide an explanation of judicial judgements, including guidance for identifying applicable state statutes.



In addition, the following features are included in the brand new second edition:


  • a comprehensive revision of the citations, as well as the state and federal statutes, together with the most recent figures on incidence and prevalence, derived from the fourth iteration of the National Incidence Study (NIS-4).


  • A new chapter on resiliency has been added (Chapter 10), and more discussion of resilience in the face of maltreatment has been added throughout the chapters on the different types of abuse (Chapters 4–9). These changes contribute to a better understanding of why some children thrive in spite of having experienced maltreatment.


  • To boost students’ understanding of possible employment options, new “Profiles” boxes have been added that offer information about graduate training in child abuse; descriptions of positions in the field; or profiles of persons who work in the field.


  • Web-based instructor resources such as PowerPoint presentations, weblinks, and a question bank that includes multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay problems.


  • To properly explain and summarize crucial concepts, there should be more tables, figures, and photographs.



New chapters have been added on child maltreatment in military families (Chapter 2), child obesity as a result of maltreatment (Chapter 5), teen “sexting” and the possibility of it being prosecuted as child sexual abuse, child obesity as a result of maltreatment, and Susan Clancy’s controversial thesis that was published in The Trauma Myth (Chapter 7).


Updated and additional case examples, including recent occurrences that have captured the attention of the general public, such as the case of Jessica Beagley, who was found guilty of child abuse for coercing her son to consume hot sauce, and the case of Latrece Jones, who was found guilty of negligent homicide for failing to have her son secured in a car seat.


The introduction to the ebook provides some background information on child abuse, including its history, a general summary of the study, and a list of risk indicators. Additionally, specifics of legally required reporting are investigated. The following topics are discussed: physical abuse, neglect, psychological maltreatment, sexual abuse, fetal abuse, and Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. In addition, a new chapter on resiliency is included in the book. There are estimates provided for the incidence of each form of child abuse as well as its subsequent effects. The next step is a discussion of legal matters, including forensic interviewing. In the last chapter, the author provides both an example of what occurs to a child after a complaint has been filed as well as some advice for preventing the abuse of children.

This book was written with the intention of serving as a textbook for classes on child abuse, family violence, child maltreatment, or sexual and intimate violence that are taught in the fields of psychology, human development, education, criminal justice, social work, sociology, women’s studies, and nursing. However, it is also an invaluable resource for workers who are mandated reporters of child maltreatment and/or anyone who is interested in the problem.


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