Christian Faith; Formation and Education

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Ros Stuart-Buttle, John Shortt


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Book Description

Christian Faith, Formation, and Education is a PDF file that addresses the connection between faith, formation, and education. The ebook is based on a number of different discourses, and it provides novel insights into the creation and education of the human person, both in a practical and theoretical sense. The issues are discussed from the perspective of interdenominational Christians while taking into account the context of modern difficulties. These tensions are caused by an increasingly pluralistic society that is hostile toward religious religion. This publication explains how the Christian religion holds value for educational practice and human development. It contains chapters written by an international team of professionals. While doing so, it argues against the widespread notion that there may be a neutral approach to education and advocates for a critical dimension to be included in faith education. It introduces new ways of thinking about formation and religion, both of which require attention in light of the rapid change that is occurring in today’s educational, political, and socio-cultural factors. College students and academics who are actively involved in Christian educational practice will find it interesting.

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xiii
Introduction (Ros Stuart-Buttle, John Shortt)….Pages 1-10
Front Matter ….Pages 11-11
The Naming of Parts: Faith, Formation, Development and Education (Jeff Astley)….Pages 13-27
Is Talk of ‘Christian Education’ Meaningful? (John Shortt)….Pages 29-44
The Christian University and an Anthropology for Adulthood (Mario D’Souza)….Pages 45-60
The Faith-Full Intellect: Catholic Traditions and Instincts About the Human Person and Their Significance for Teaching and Learning (Clare Watkins)….Pages 61-78
Deeply Christian, Healthily Plural: A Vision for Schooling (David F. Ford)….Pages 79-92
Living Tradition and Learning Agency: Interpreting the ‘Score’ and Personal Rendition (John Sullivan)….Pages 93-114
Formation and Christian Education in England (Trevor Cooling)….Pages 115-130
Theological Education and Professional Practice (Ros Stuart-Buttle)….Pages 131-146
Front Matter ….Pages 147-147
Journeys of Faith: Personal Stories, ‘Multi-logue’ Narrative and Faith Formation in Schools (Andy Wolfe)….Pages 149-163
A Sense of Belonging: Spiritual Development in Christian-Ethos Secondary Schools (Ann Casson)….Pages 165-180
Religious Education: Where to from Here? Reflections on the Trajectory of Australian Catholic School Religious Education 1965–2017 (Graham Rossiter)….Pages 181-196
‘We Need to Keep the Door Open’: A Framework for Better Understanding the Formation of Younger Teachers in Catholic Schools (Richard Rymarz)….Pages 197-210
Interpreting Texts More Wisely: A Review of Research and the Case for Change in English Religious Education (Robert A. Bowie)….Pages 211-228
Christian Leadership in Education (David Cracknell)….Pages 229-243
Back Matter ….Pages 245-253

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