Classical Mythology (11th Edition)

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Mark Morford, Robert J. Lenardon, Michael Sham


Oxford University Press; 11th edition









Book Description

This offer comes with the 11th edition of Morford’s Classical Mythology, which is organized by chapters. In addition to that, Powerpoint presentations are included in the materials (a huge ZIP file comprising all of them).

About this electronic book

The 11th Edition of Classical Mythology is the most complete overview of classical mythology that is currently accessible. It is also the first textbook of its kind to be published in full color. This edition continues the best-selling tradition of prior editions. It features thorough and clear translations of original sources by the authors, and it does so in a way that is both interesting and lucid. The book focuses on the myths and tales of ancient Greece and Rome. The textbook includes a wide variety of passages from Latin and Greek sources that have been faithfully translated. These passages come from authors such as Hesiod, Homer, and all of the Homeric Hymns. Other authors include Pindar, Euripides, Aeschylus, Plato, Lucian, Herodotus, Sophocles, Ovid, Lucretius, Vergil, and Seneca.

Respected authors Mark and In order to bring the myths to life for university students, Robert J. Lenardon, Michael Sham, and P.O. Morford use an engaging combination of poetic storytelling and illuminating analysis. In addition to providing cultural and historical context, they investigate the pervasiveness of classical mythology throughout history and the ways in which it has influenced the realms of literature, art, music, dance, and film.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Classical Mythology
Maps, Figures, and “Myth & Culture”
Closer Look Images and Audio Recordings
About the Authors
About the Companion Website
PART ONE: The Myths of Creation: The Gods
1: Interpretation and Definition of Classical Mythology
Appendix to Chapter 1: Sources for Classical Mythology
2: Historical Background of Greek Mythology
3: Myths of Creation
4: Zeus’ Rise to Power: The Creation of Mortals
Appendix to Chapter 4: Parallels in Myths of Greece and the Ancient Near East
5: The Twelve Olympians: Zeus, Hera, and Their Children
6: The Nature of the Gods and Greek Religion
7: Poseidon, Sea Deities, Group Divinities, and Monsters
8: Athena
9: Aphrodite and Eros
10: Artemis
Additional Reading: Euripides’ Hippolytus
11: Apollo
Additional Reading: The Homeric Hymn to Pythian Apollo
12: Hermes
13: Dionysus, Pan, Echo, and Narcissus
14: Demeter and the Eleusinian Mysteries
15: Views of the Afterlife: The Realm of Hades
16: Orpheus and Orphism: Mystery Religions in Roman Times
PART TWO: The Greek Sagas
17: The Theban Saga
18: The Mycenaean Saga
Additional Reading: Orestes and the Three Electras
19: The Trojan Saga and the Iliad
Appendix to Chapter 19: Meleager and the Calydonian Boar Hunt
20: The Returns and the Odyssey
21: Perseus and the Legends of Argos
Appendix: Bellerophon and the Chimera
22: Heracles
23: Theseus and the Legends of Attica
24: Jason, Medea, and the Argonauts
Additional Reading: Jason and Medea in Euripides
PART THREE The Nature of Roman Mythology
25: Greek Mythology in the Roman World
Additional Reading: Stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses
26: Roman Mythology and Saga
Glossary of Mythological Words and Phrases in English
The Greek Spelling of Names
A. Index of Authors, Artists, Composers, and Titles

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