Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice (7th Edition)

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Derald Wing Sue, David Sue


Wiley; 7th Edition




832 pages




111908430X; 1119084377


9781119084303/ 9781119084372

Book Description

The standard containing information for multicultural counseling programs has now been updated with research-based, topical, and pedagogical elaborations.

The original text on multicultural counseling has been updated, and the new version, Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, 7th Edition (ePub/PDF), is now available. From the writings of Derald Wing This all-encompassing work was written by Sue, who is known for being one of the most well-known multicultural students in the United States. It includes a current analysis, as well as scientific and cultural theoretical formations, as well as an enlarged investigation of internalized racism. This book provides specific strategies and advice for leading the most productive and honest conversations possible, and it is filled with real-world examples to illustrate its points. It explains why discussions concerning racial issues continue to be so difficult, and it also offers an explanation of why they are so difficult. The new seventh edition places an emphasis on crucial aspects that are important to teachers and faculty scholars who want to help provide a better focus on the course.

The most recent seventh version reflects the following in response to comments from users and the most recent research that is available:


  • Presentation that has been modernized to provide students additional time to review and understand, as opposed to reading the more extensive text.
  • It is now possible to differentiate between and among groups thanks to revisions made to the population-specific chapters that involve the use of standard thematic titles (when potential).
  • Extensive focus on the affective qualities of the topic, with the goal of preventing students' intense emotional reactions to the subject matter from inhibiting their capacity for introspection and personal growth (a crucial part of cultural competence in the serving to professions).
  • New developments and essential adjustments, such as broadened protection against internalized racism; cultural humility; social justice and advocacy skills; extension of protection against microaggressions to other marginalized groups; present research and thinking on evidence-primarily based apply; and innovative methods to work with particular populations.
  • The most recent research in the field of multicultural mental health practice, including careful consideration of the multicultural guidelines offered by the American Psychological Association and the draft guidelines for multicultural and social justice counseling competencies (MSJCC) (2015) developed by the American Counseling Association's Revision Committee.



Recommitment to comprehensiveness in all aspects. When compared to other texts in the field, CCD identifies and discusses virtually all of the most significant multicultural counseling issues that arise in the profession. In all likelihood, reviewers thought it was the most comprehensive of the books that had been published, and it leads in the coverage of topics such as microaggressions in counseling, social justice approaches to counseling, the implications of indigenous therapy, interracial and interethnic counseling, the growth of racial identity, the sociopolitical nature of counseling, and the cultural use of evidence-based practice.


Enhanced Pedagogy in each chapter, including tools to facilitate experiential activities and conversation, as well as to assist students in comprehending the content, by means of broad Chapter Objectives and more focused, and frequently contentious, Reflection and Discussion Questions. An extended story, scientific vignette, or situational instance serves as the introduction to each chapter. These introductions provide a preview of the most important ideas and themes that are discussed throughout the chapter. The Chapter Focus Questions are designed to serve as reminders to deal with the opening ‘course objectives.' Nonetheless, these questions not solely evaluate the content material that is to be coated, but they are also constructed in such a method that enables trainers and instructors to use them as dialogue questions all through the workshop or course. After each section, there is now a brand new Summary that we have included, and we have removed the sections that were titled “Implications for Clinical Practice.” The Instructor's Handbook has been expanded and improved to provide direction on how to teach the course, how to anticipate challenges and how to overcome them, as well as providing exercises that can be used, such as case studies, excursions, films, group activities, and other forms of pedagogy that can make learning easier.




This classic textual content offers the perfect mixture of theory and apply; it helps readers overcome the discomfort associated with discussions of race; it provides actual-world examples of talk about variety and distinction openly and overtly; and it carefully examines the unwritten and hidden guidelines that dictate many aspects of variety in today's world.

NOTE: This offering includes only the ebook version of “Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice,” which is in its seventh edition and is formatted in the original ePub file. On request, a PDF that has been altered is available for purchase. There are no access codes contained within.


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