Elementary Statistics (3rd Edition)

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Book Description

The third edition of Elementary Statistics is a conceptual and practical course in introductory statistics. It was published in 2016. Extensive market research and feedback from statistics teachers around the country served as the basis for its development around three primary tenets: clarity, quality, and accuracy. This was done in light of the aforementioned.
This is one of the more expert-level elementary statistics courses you can take because it has author-created supplements, high-quality exercises, clear examples, and technology that is fully incorporated throughout the course. Both the main text and any supplements that go along with it are adaptable enough to operate effectively with a broad variety of teaching methodologies. For instance, the main text discusses both the P-value and critical value approaches to hypothesis testing. This third edition has been improved in several ways, including the addition of a new target on the weighted mean, the use of recent real data in new exercises and case studies, as well as a new supplement that focuses on prerequisite abilities. The majority of the examples and exercises in this text use real-life data. In fact, more than 750 actual applications of statistics are presented throughout the book, and topics and their pages can be found in an index. This is because statistics instructors are in complete agreement that using real data helps students become more engaged. The techniques that are described in the text are broken down into individual sections, and each of those sections includes instructions that detail how to apply various types of technology.
A number of educational aspects that enrich the experiences of both the instructor and the students are as follows:
• Check Your Understanding assignments are given at the end of each concept explanation to discover whether or not the students comprehend the subject or whether they need to review it.
• Notes in the margins titled “Explain It Again” serve to emphasize key ideas.
Students are required to describe statistical ideas using their own words as part of the “Write About It” activities.
•The discussion of a real-world issue that will be utilized in the Case Study at the chapter’s conclusion kicks off each individual chapter.

The teaching process is significantly aided by the addition of supplemental materials offered by the author:

• Multiple pedagogical approaches have been incorporated into each series of editable PowerPoint presentations, and each series is organized according to a certain learning purpose. •Students benefit from the structure of well-organized notes while instructors receive a framework of day-to-day activities for the classroom, which is provided by guided student notes. •Students can learn to use technology like calculators, Minitab, and Excel with the help of chapter-aligned technology manuals. • Concepts, definitions, formulas, and techniques for problem-solving are presented in digestible form via brief video lectures. • Connect Math allows teachers to assign exercise videos that are closed captioned for students who have hearing impairments. •Manuals for calculators, Excel, and Minitab 17 provide more text-specific practice. Minitab, TI-Graph Link, Excel, SPSS, and comma-delimited ASCII formats are all prepopulated with the data sets from certain tasks.
In a variety of different methods, McGraw-Hill improves users’ access to the material: • The built-in mathematical templates that are a part of the Test Gen program eliminate the requirement for a separate equation editor. •Instructors are able to perform statistical analysis on data that is contained within an Excel workbook by using the Mega Stat statistical add-in, which is accessible via a menu item on the Excel menu bar. •Smart Book TM makes use of the LearnSmart engine to continuously adapt the material in order to direct the student’s attention to the information that will help them fill in the specific knowledge gaps that they have. • Connect Math offers a user-friendly interface for completing homework assignments online, and it is integrated with Smart Book.


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