Essentials of Medical Geology (2013th Revised Edition)

Download Essentials of Medical Geology (2013th Revised Edition) written by Brian E. Davies, Charlotte Bowman, Theo C. Davies, Olle Selinus in PDF format. This book is under the category Biology and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 9400743742; 0126363412; 9400743750; 9401779619/9789400743748/ 9789400743755/ 9789401779616. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Brian E. Davies, Charlotte Bowman, Theo C. Davies, Olle Selinus


Springer; 2013th edition




805 pages






9400743742; 0126363412; 9400743750; 9401779619


9789400743748/ 9789400743755/ 9789401779616

Book Description

This revised and updated edition of Essentials of Medical Geology (PDF) examines the fundamental concepts and operational tools that are necessary to address concerns pertaining to environmental and public health. It is broken down into 4 primary parts or sections. In the first section, we will cover the principles of environmental biology, as well as the natural and anthropogenic sources of health components that have an impact on health, and we will also highlight important biogeochemical changes. The second section discusses the geological processes that have an effect on human exposure to specific elements, such as radon, fluorine, selenium, arsenic, and iodine. Investigations investigating the effects of exposure to naturally occurring components on human health can be aided by the concepts and methodologies presented in the third section. These are drawn from the fields of pathology, toxicology, and epidemiology. The final lesson provides a toolkit full of analytical strategies that can be used for medical geology investigations as well as environmental study.

The first edition of Essentials of Medical Geology was published in 2005, and it has since been honored with three important awards. The book is widely utilized as a textbook and a reference book in the domains of geology and medicine, where it has been hailed as an important publication for both of those disciplines.

The authors and editors of this revised and updated 2013th edition have brought the content, which had progressed significantly since 2005 and included two new chapters on public health and agriculture and health, up to date in preparation for this edition's publication. This revised volume can now continue to be used as a textbook and reference book for all those who are interested in this significant topic and its influences on the health and wellness of many thousands upon thousands of people all over the world.


  • Discusses important issues that arise at the interface of environmental science and human health.
  • Contains color graphics all throughout the text, references for further research, and other other help for the reader.
  • Conceived by sixty experts from all over the world, hailing from twenty different countries, and edited by members of the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA)
  • Written in language that is accessible to a wide range of readers, including professional researchers and students, as well as policymakers and the general public.



“The interdisciplinary, global study of health and disease in animals and humans related with the geological background of a location is known as medical geology… The numbers are up to date and easy to understand. Environmental geoscientists, medical experts, epidemiologists, and those in charge of making decisions will find the material to be both approachable and engaging. It is the most important electronic reference book for the industry, and it is also suitable for use as a textbook for classes at the undergraduate and doctoral levels. In conclusion, it is strongly recommended. students in their upper years of college up through professionals and practitioners.” — M. E. Lenczewski; Choice; Vol. 51 (8); April; 2014

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