Essentials of Medical Geology (Revised Edition)

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Book Description

The Essentials of Medical Geology (PDF) provides an overview of the applicable techniques and fundamental concepts that are necessary to address issues pertaining to environmental and public health. It is broken down into 4 primary parts or sections. The first part of this article will discuss the principles of environmental biology, as well as the natural and anthropogenic sources of health factors that have an effect on health, and it will also demonstrate essential biogeochemical transformations. The second part of this article examines the geological processes that have an effect on the amount of specific elements that humans are exposed to, such as arsenic, fluorine, radon, selenium, and iodine. In the third section, the methodologies and ideas of toxicology, pathology, and epidemiology are discussed. These are the disciplines that form the basis for examinations into the impact that exposure to naturally occurring components have on human health. In the fourth section, we present a toolbox of several analytical methodologies that can be used in medical geology studies and environmental study.

The first edition of Essentials of Medical Geology was released in 2005, and since then, it has been recognized with three important awards. The e-book is considered a seminal work in the domains of geology and medicine, and it is extensively utilized as a teaching resource and a reference book in their respective disciplines.

The writers and editors of this newly revised edition have brought the content up to date, as it underwent significant change in 2005, and added two new chapters: one on agriculture and health, and the other on public health. Everyone who has an interest in this significant issue and its influence on the happiness and health of many millions of people all over the world can now continue to use this updated edition as a reference ebook and as a textbook thanks to the fact that it has been brought up to date.

Discusses important issues that arise at the nexus of environmental research and health concerns for humans

Contains illustrative examples in full color at every turn, in addition to references for additional research and various other reading aids.

Designed by sixty worldwide specialists from twenty different countries and edited by members of the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA)

Written in language that is not technical in order to appeal to a wide variety of readers, including college students, professional researchers, policymakers, and the general public.

Please be aware that the Essentials of Medical Geology ebook is only available in PDF format with this package.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xix
Medical Geology: Perspectives and Prospects….Pages 1-13
Public Health and Geological Processes: An Overview of a Fundamental Relationship….Pages 15-32
Front Matter….Pages 33-34
Natural Distribution and Abundance of Elements….Pages 35-57
Anthropogenic Sources….Pages 59-74
Uptake of Elements from a Chemical Point of View….Pages 75-99
Uptake of Elements from a Biological Point of View….Pages 101-127
Biological Functions of the Elements….Pages 129-177
Geological Impacts on Nutrition….Pages 179-194
Biological Responses of Elements….Pages 195-214
Front Matter….Pages 215-216
Volcanic Emissions and Health….Pages 217-238
Radon in Air and Water….Pages 239-277
Arsenic in Groundwater and the Environment….Pages 279-310
Fluoride in Natural Waters….Pages 311-336
Water Hardness and Health Effects….Pages 337-350
Bioavailability of Elements in Soil….Pages 351-373
Selenium Deficiency and Toxicity in the Environment….Pages 375-416
Soils and Iodine Deficiency….Pages 417-432
Geophagy and the Involuntary Ingestion of Soil….Pages 433-454
Natural Aerosolic Mineral Dusts and Human Health….Pages 455-475
The Ecology of Soil-Borne Human Pathogens….Pages 477-504
Front Matter….Pages 215-216
Animals and Medical Geology….Pages 505-516
The Impact of Micronutrient Deficiencies inThe Impact of Micronutrient Deficiencies in Agricultural Soils and Crops on the Nutritional Health of Humans….Pages 517-533
Front Matter….Pages 535-536
Environmental Epidemiology….Pages 537-547
Environmental Medicine….Pages 549-567
Environmental Pathology….Pages 569-596
Toxicology….Pages 597-609
Speciation of Trace Elements….Pages 611-632
Front Matter….Pages 633-634
GIS in Human Health Studies….Pages 635-645
Investigating Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases with Remote Sensing and GIS….Pages 647-663
Mineralogy of Bones….Pages 665-687
Inorganic and Organic Geochemistry Techniques….Pages 689-716
Histochemical and Microprobe Analysis in Medical Geology….Pages 717-726
Modeling Groundwater Flow and Quality….Pages 727-753
Back Matter….Pages 755-805


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