Intimate Relationships (3rd Edition)

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Thomas N. Bradbury, Benjamin R. Karney


W. W. Norton – Company; 3rd edition




680 pages









Book Description

The third edition of Bradbury and Karney’s Intimate Relationships (ePub/PDF) is extremely up-to-date and comprehensive, making it an excellent choice for today’s college students.

In this day and age of sexting, texting, and swiping right, technology has completely changed the way in which couples build and sustain intimacy in their relationships. The purpose of this third edition is to encourage critical thinking on modern intimacy among college students by synthesizing the most recent research on couples and embracing the wide diversity of intimate relationships across cultures and across couples.

NOTE: This deal only applies to the ebook version of Intimate Relationships, Third Edition, and only in its original ePub format (Kindle format). A PDF that has been converted is also supplied. There are no access codes included in the package.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Publisher’s Notice
Half Title
About the Authors
Brief Contents
A Letter to Students
Chapter 1: Love and Why It Matters
Why Intimate Relationships Are Important
What Makes a Relationship Intimate?
Love and the Essential Mystery of Intimate Relationships
Chapter Review
Chapter 2: Influential Theories
What Makes a Theory Influential?
The Evolutionary Perspective
Attachment Theory
Social Exchange Theory
Social Learning Theory
Social Ecological Models
Unifying Themes in Theories of Intimate Relationships
Chapter Review
Chapter 3: Research Methods
Challenges of Relationship Science
Measurement Strategies
Designing the Study
Choosing Participants
Ethical Issues
Chapter Review
Chapter 4: Gender
Drawing Distinctions: Sex vs. Gender
Not So Innate: The Historical Context of Gender
Measuring Gender Similarities and Differences
Explaining Gender Similarities and Differences
Gender and Intimacy
Chapter Review
Chapter 5: Sexual Orientation
Sexual Orientations and Identities
Origins of Sexual Orientation
Sexual Orientation and Intimate Relationships
Chapter Review
Chapter 6: Personality and Personal History
Personality Traits and Emotional Tendencies
Childhood Experiences in Families
Early Relationships with Caregivers
Chapter Review
Chapter 7: Romantic Attraction
Physical Appearance
Personal Characteristics
How Context Affects Romantic Attraction
Making a Connection
Chapter Review
Chapter 8: Communication
How Communication Promotes Intimacy
Maintaining Intimacy
Chapter Review
Chapter 9: Sexual Intimacy
The Importance of Sex
The Course of Sexual Desire
Ingredients of a Healthy Sex Life
The Functions of Sex in Intimate Relationships
Obstacles: What Gets in the Way of Sex
Chapter Review
Chapter 10: Conflict
Why Do Lovers Disagree?
The Landscape of Couple Conflict
Consequences of Couple Conflict
Chapter Review
Chapter 11: Infidelity and Aggression
Chapter Review
Chapter 12: Interpreting Experience
Processing Information
Functions of Beliefs and Values
Origins of Beliefs and Values
Motivated Reasoning
Responding to Negative Experiences
The Limits of Motivated Reasoning
Chapter Review
Chapter 13: Stress and Context
Mapping the Context of Intimate Relationships
Stress: When Bad Things Happen to Good Relationships
Social Networks: The Ties That Bind
Socioeconomic Status
Chapter Review
Chapter 14: Relationships Across the Lifespan
Born into Intimacy: How Adult Relationships Influence Children
The Expanding Social World of Childhood
Adolescence and Initial Steps into Intimacy
Major Transitions in Intimate Relationships During Adulthood
Intimate Relationships in Later Life
Chapter Review
Chapter 15: Improving Relationships
Couples Therapy: Help for Distressed Relationships
Relationship Education: Building on Strengths
Seriously, What Should I Do?
Chapter Review
Photo Credits
Text Credits
Name Index
Subject Index

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