Introducing Philosophy: God; Mind; World; and Logic

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Book Description

Written for any readers interested in better harnessing philosophy’s real value; this ebook covers an extensive range of fundamental philosophical problems and specific intellectual techniques for addressing those problems. In Introducing Philosophy: God; Mind; World; and Logic; (PDF); Neil Tennant helps any student in pursuit of a ‘big picture’ to think independently; question received dogma; and evaluate problems incisively. It also links philosophy to other areas of study at the university; letting all college students to employ the concepts and techniques of this millennia-old discipline throughout their college careers – and beyond.


— Author comes from a distinguished background in Logic and Philosophy of Language; which gives the ebook a standard of rigor; balance; and analytic focus sometimes missing from primers to philosophy

— Is much more methodologically comprehensive than competing introductions; giving the student the ability to address a wide range of philosophical problems – and not just the ones reviewed in the ebook

— Investigates the philosophy of various subjects (math; psychology; language; biology); helping students contextualize philosophy and view it as an interdisciplinary pursuit; also assists students with majors outside of philosophy to see the relationship between philosophy and their own focused academic pursuits

— Introduces students to many important philosophical distinctions (e.g. fact vs. value; descriptive vs. prescriptive; norms vs. laws of nature; analytic vs. synthetic; inductive vs. deductive; a priori vs. a posteriori) providing skills that are important for undergraduates to develop in order to inform their study at higher levels. They are important for further work in philosophy but they are also very beneficial for students pursuing most other disciplines


“This is one of the best introductions to philosophy I know of. It covers many subdisciplines of theoretical philosophy; is extremely well-argued; and is wittily written. It teaches precision in both concept-formation and argumentation but does not invest it in all-too abstract and irrelevant problems. Instead; it emphasizes on the great issues of philosophy―from the existence of God to the nature of the mind. Even the expert philosopher will benefit from it.” — Vittorio G. Hösle; University of Notre Dame; USA

Virtually without exception; present-day introductions to philosophy are anthologies; mosaics of thought combining deliberations from varied sources and points of view. The systemic unity of thought that ought to be the hallmark of rigorous philosophy is completely absent from such a Cook’s tour transit across the landscape of thought. The exceptional feature of Tennant’s book is that it traverses a huge array of key issues from an integrated and consistent conceptual and methodological point of view. It superimposes upon thematic and doctrinal diversity a deeply insightful and analytical unity. The ebook will be a delight to teach.” — Nicholas Rescher; University of Pittsburgh; USA

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