Introductory Statistics (4th Edition)

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Sheldon M. Ross


Academic Press; 4th edition




802 pages









Book Description

The Fourth Edition of “Introductory Statistics” (PDF) teaches students not only how and when to use the statistical procedures that have been produced, but also how to appreciate why these procedures should be employed in a way that will teach students not only how and when to use the statistical procedures that have been developed. The clarity of presentation, modern examples, and applications from a variety of fields, an explanation of intuition, and the theories that underpin the statistical methods are the primary strengths of the text.

The introduction of new ideas, along with illustrations and explanations of those ideas, are all done in a manner that is intended to boost one’s intuitive abilities. To paraphrase what is said in the introduction: “It is not until a learner gets a feel or intuition for statistics that she or he is truly on the path toward making sense of data.” This objective is accomplished by Ross by employing a methodical combination of intuitive explanations, mathematical analysis, and examples.

Applications and examples refer to real-world situations, including but not limited to the following: gun regulation; health issues; stock market models; driving age limitations; school entry ages; sports; use of helmets; scientific fraud; and many other topics. Examples linked to data mining strategies that make use of the amount of Google queries or tweets posted on Twitter are also taken into consideration.

In this fourth edition, new subject matter covered includes chapters on the Pareto distribution and the 80-20 rule; Benford’s law; further information on odds and joint distributions and correlation; A-B testing; logistic regression; and more contemporary examples and exercises based on big data.


  • Introduces a novel historical viewpoint by focusing on eminent statisticians and significant events in the past in order to stimulate interest in learning by including both context and relevance.
  • This is the comprehensive edition, which includes the three statistical software packages that are used the most frequently (SAS, SPSS, and Minitab), as well as ISM and SSM, and a handbook for an online graphing calculator.
  • The student is provided with activities and examples that help steer them toward independent learning utilizing actual situations and real data, such as stock market models, health issues, gender issues, sporting events, and scientific fraud.
  • Included is a brand new chapter on the Pareto distribution as well as the 80-20 rule, Benford’s law, odds, joint distribution and correlation, logistic regression, A-B testing, and examples from the fields of analytics and big data.





The Gini index, quality control, and bandit dilemmas are three examples of the interesting subjects covered in this book that are not covered in the majority of introductory statistics textbooks. — MAA Reviews

“The covering is slow and careful; there are many worked examples and plenty of questions; approximately half of them have answers…

There is an abundance of instructive instances. Those who are not fully confident about any of the subject matter will find it to be a rich and reassuring store of information, as well as a source of questions (even if they are almost all derived from a US context). “I have been looking for some time for a really scholarly superior to M.J. Moroney’s invaluable if out-of-date Facts from figures, which I have used for forty years; and this would appear to meet the bill.” — An Issue of The Mathematical Gazette

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