Java 9 for Programmers (4th Edition)

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Paul J. Deitel, Harvey Deitel


Pearson; 4th Edition




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Book Description

This Java 9 for Programmers 4th edition (PDF/AZW3) ebook applies the Deitel signature live-code technique to teaching programming and investigates the Java® 9 language and APIs in depth. It is meant for programmers who have a background in another high-level language. This ebook delivers ideas in the form of programs that have been thoroughly tested, replete with code walkthroughs, code highlighting, syntax shading, and outputs from the programs. The fourth edition of Java 9 for Programmers includes hundreds of entire Java 9 projects, each with thousands of lines of tested code, as well as hundreds of recommendations for software development that will assist you in constructing reliable solutions.

Begin with an introduction to Java utilizing an early classes and objects approach, and then quickly move on to more advanced topics, such as the JavaFX GUI, graphics, animation, and video; lambdas; streams; exception handling; object serialization; functional interfaces; generics; generic collections; concurrency; database with JDBCTM and JPA; and compelling new Java 9 features, such as the Java Platform Module System; interactive Java with JShell (for experimentation; discovery; and exploration); and the Java Virtual Machine The Deitels’ classic treatment of object-oriented programming and the object-oriented design ATM case study, which includes a full Java implementation, will be very enjoyable to you. When you are through, you will have everything you need to construct object-oriented Java 9 applications that are strong enough to be used in an industrial setting.


  • New Features in Java® Version 9
  • Platform Module System in Java® 9, developed by Oracle
  • Interactive Java through the use of JShell, which is Java 9’s REPL.


Collection Factory Methods; Matcher Methods; Stream Methods; JavaFX Modifications; Using Modules in JShell; Security Enhancements; Private Interface Methods; Completable Future Updates; and a great deal of other languages and API updates are included in this release.


  • Essential Components of Java
  • Generics as well as Collections of Generics
  • Streams of input and output; XML serialization; Files
  • Database technology (JDBCTM and JPA), recursion
  • Objects, Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, and Interfaces
  • JavaFX’s Graphical User Interface, 2D and 3D Graphics, Video, Cascading Style Sheets, Animation, and Scene Builder
  • JavaFX Concurrency APIs and Concurrent Programming for Optimal Performance on Multiple Cores
  • Composition as opposed to Inheritance; “Programming to an Interface rather than an Implementation”
  • Sequential and Parallel Streams, Lambdas, Functional Interfaces with Default and Static Methods, and Immutability are some of the features that are supported.
  • Maintain Communication With the Authors


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