Living Ethics: An Introduction with Readings

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Russ Shafer-Landau


Oxford University Press (June 29; 2018)




736 pages







Book Description

The Living Ethics: An Introduction with Readings (PDF) book is an excellent resource that may be used for a variety of different classes, including those that are introductions to ethics as well as classes that focus on modern moral issues. Russ Shafer-Landau brings moral theory and contemporary moral issues to life in this hybrid textbook/reader by providing a comprehensive and balanced set of readings, uniquely engaging explanations, and clear analysis of arguments. In addition, the reader will find the readings to be very accessible.

The first section of the book, which is devoted to covering moral thinking, is followed by a section on very relevant contemporary moral concerns (in Part II).

Part 2 additionally includes a vast assortment of instructional resources that might assist college students in comprehending the numerous contemporary moral dilemmas that are explored and in engaging in critical thought about those topics:

* Argument Analysis: Reconstructs a battery of arguments on the issues of the chapter and critically evaluates each one

* Stat Shots: These snapshots of quantitative data provide extra context for the chapter’s subject matter through their visual presentation.

* Essential Concepts: Fundamental Ideas That Are Italicized The Very First Time They Are Mentioned In A Textbook (also available in the glossary)

* Just the Facts: Offers pertinent factual data to college students, providing the required backdrop for the book’s ethical investigations.

* Critical Thinking Cases: These activities are frequently derived from news articles and are intended to provoke a more in-depth contemplation of topics that are relevant to the chapter’s subject matter.



“Living Ethics appears to have all the makings of a hybrid undergraduate ethics textbook that can compete with the best in the field.” — David O’Connor and the University of Seton Hall

“I know I’m not the only one who thinks Shafer-writing Landau’s is interesting as well as extraordinarily clear, but I do know that I’m not the only one.” — Thomas Bontley and the University of Connecticut

“The writing of Shafer-Landau is extraordinarily interesting and easy to understand; he successfully urges university students to become well-informed about ethical issues and to apply ethical reasoning in relation to moral issues.” — Marcia Andrejevich; Indiana Community Vocational Technical College

“This ebook offers a comprehensive collection of important historical and contemporary readings in ethics covering every major moral theory — along with a broad range of contemporary moral problems — all of which are accompanied by substantial introductions by one of the best ethicists working today — Russ Shafer-Landau.” “This ebook offers a comprehensive collection of important historical and contemporary readings in ethics covering every major moral theory — along with a broad range of contemporary moral problems.” Saint Anselm College’s Joshua Tepley


“Students will learn how to dissect, analyze, and assess an argument through the use of Living Ethics.” It performs a fantastic job of transitioning between ideas, demonstrating clearly and concisely how one notion naturally leads to the next, and explaining why it is relevant to the overarching argument or moral system that is being presented here. In addition to this, Shafer-Landau does an outstanding job of providing nuances for each argument and explaining the initial intuitive support for them. — David Burris; Arizona Western College [Citation needed


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