Mixed-Species Forests: Ecology and Management

Download Mixed-Species Forests: Ecology and Management written by Hans Pretzsch, David I. Forrester, Jurgen Bauhus in PDF format. This book is under the category Geology and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 3662545519; 3662572036/9783662545515/ 9783662572030. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Hans Pretzsch, David I. Forrester, Jurgen Bauhus






663 pages






3662545519; 3662572036


9783662545515/ 9783662572030

Book Description

The document titled “Mixed-Species Forests: Ecology and Management” (PDF) offers a comprehensive review of the current state of knowledge about the ecology and management of forests that are both structurally and compositionally complex. It provides responses to fundamental questions like the following:




  • The ecological benefits of mixed-species stands raise the question of whether or not these benefits also translate into economic advantages over monocultures.


  • In what ways are the effects of species mixes on the functioning of ecosystems affected by the specific species composition, stand structure, and site conditions?


  • How do mixed-species stands compare to monocultures in terms of their levels of productivity, the quality of their wood, and their ability to maintain ecological balance in the face of stress and disturbance?


  • How does an excessive or inadequate yield at the level of the forest stand evolve from the level of the tree and organ, and what are the primary mechanisms behind mixing effects?


  • What are some ways that our current scientific understanding of mixed-species forests can be linked with silvicultural concepts as well as practical forest management and planning?


  • How generalizable are the scientific concepts that are used to evaluate the growth, dynamics, and functioning of mixed-species forests? What kinds of experiments are required to develop these scientific concepts further, and what types of experiments are performed?




In addition, the e-book discusses experimental designs and analytical ways to research mixed-species forests. Additionally, it offers extensive empirical material, general concepts, models, and management approaches for mixed-species forests. As such, it serves as an invaluable resource not only for teachers and students in higher education, but also for researchers and professionals working in the fields of forest planning, consulting, and management.


“Straightforward infographics, illustrations, and infographics are an added advantage of the ebook; and the writing style deserves special appreciation, whether it be the abstracts or the take-home messages at the end of the chapters. ” This e-book should absolutely be included on the required reading list for courses on natural resource management and forestry because not only is it extremely helpful to students but also to researchers. Basic and Applied Ecology, Volume 35, Issue 2019, Author: S. Suresh Ramanan)

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