Modern Mathematical Statistics with Applications (2nd Edition)

Download Modern Mathematical Statistics with Applications (2nd Edition) written by Jay L. Devore, Kenneth N. Berk in PDF format. This book is under the category Mathematics and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1461403901; 1493942212/9781461403906/ 9781493942213. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Jay L. Devore, Kenneth N. Berk


Springer; 2nd edition




859 pages






1461403901; 1493942212


9781461403906/ 9781493942213

Book Description

The Second Edition of Modern Mathematical Statistics with Applications; (PDF) maintains a healthy equilibrium between theoretical mathematics foundations and practical statistical application. In keeping with the recommendation that every math student should study statistics and probability with a focus on data analysis, accomplished authors Kenneth Berk and Jay Devore make statistical concepts and methods relevant and clear through careful explanations and a wide range of applications involving real data. In doing so, they adhere to the commendation that every math student should study statistics and probability with a focus on data analysis.

The presentation and illustration of methods of inferential statistics that are beneficial in research are the primary focuses of this electronic book. The book kicks off with a chapter on descriptive statistics, which immediately puts the reader in contact with actual data. The next six chapters build upon the probability concepts introduced in the previous two chapters to create a bridge between inferential and descriptive statistics. Estimation of points, inferences based on statistical intervals, and the testing of hypotheses are then covered in the three chapters that follow. The other chapters of this book investigate the use of this concept in a range of different contexts that are more difficult.

This most recent update to the second edition adds a substantial number of new exercises, many of which are similar to questions that could be found on actuarial exams that focus on probability and statistics. Examples of applications include determining whether the average tip percentage in a specific restaurant is higher than the industry standard of 15%; determining whether the aroma and flavor of Champagne are affected by the temperature of the bottle or the type of pour; demonstrating the relationship between college graduation rate and average SAT score; and determining the likelihood of O-ring failure in space shuttle launches in relation to launch temperature.




“The textbook that Berk and Devore have written is a good addition to the collection of texts that are suited for the kind of undergraduate mathematical statistics course that you would take… The ebook contains far more information than is necessary for a course that is only one year long… For a course in mathematical statistics that lasts for an entire year, the ebook is an excellent and reliable option. — Richard T. Smythe; Mathematical Reviews; December; 2014

“The authors did a great job revising the material for this edition. The format is standard; yet, it presents numerous statistical concepts in a manner that is easy to understand in order to facilitate a smooth comprehension of the subject. The chapters are beautifully presented, well arranged, and have a lot of motivation. The fact that a substantial quantity of worked examples are still provided, all of which are founded on actual datasets drawn from a variety of research domains, is the primary strength of the ebook. It would make an excellent candidate for selection as the required reading for a senior-level undergraduate course. — Ahmed; Technology Measurement; November; 2014

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