Modern Physics: for Scientists and Engineers (2nd Edition)

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John Morrison


Academic Press; 2nd edition




448 pages









Book Description

The Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the ebook Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2nd edition is written for students taking their first course in modern physics. Later chapters dive into the fundamental physics, beginning with a concise and concentrated explanation of the historical events that led to the formation of current quantum theory. Streamlined content, chapters on semiconductors, the Dirac equation, and quantum field theory, as well as a robust pedagogy and supplemental package, including an accompanying website with computer applets, all help science students understand the important information more effectively. The applets offer a credible account of the energy levels and wave functions of electrons found in crystals and atoms, respectively. Applets such as Hartree-Fock and ABINIT are helpful resources for researchers looking at the characteristics of atoms and semiconductors.


  • Includes thoughtful consideration of fundamental topics like transition probabilities, reciprocal lattices, crystal structure, and the Bloch theorem, all of which are essential to any discussion of lasers and semiconductor devices.


  • systematically develops contemporary ideas regarding quantum mechanics, and applies these ideas in a coherent manner throughout the text.


  • Includes more challenging exercises and puzzles at the conclusion of each chapter.


  • Provides a clearer understanding of each essential principle by way of a straightforward illustration and example wherever possible.


  • Contains a number of appendices that students can use as a point of rapid reference.


Please be aware that the PDF version of the book is all that is included with this product. There are no additional access codes, online access, or anything else included.

Table of contents

Front Matter, Pages i-ii
Copyright, Page iv
Dedication, Pages v-vi
Preface, Pages xi-xiii
Acknowledgments, Page xv
Introduction, Pages xvii-xxxvii
Chapter 1 – The Wave-Particle Duality, Pages 1-18
Chapter 2 – The Schrödinger Wave Equation, Pages 19-39
Chapter 3 – Operators and Waves, Pages 41-64
Chapter 4 – The Hydrogen Atom, Pages 65-94
Chapter 5 – Many-Electron Atoms, Pages 95-115
Chapter 6 – The Emergence of Masers and Lasers, Pages 117-128
Chapter 7 – Statistical Physics, Pages 129-165
Chapter 8 – Electronic Structure of Solids, Pages 167-201
Chapter 9 – Charge Carriers in Semiconductors, Pages 203-213
Chapter 10 – Semiconductor Lasers, Pages 215-248
Chapter 11 – Relativity I, Pages 249-280
Chapter 12 – Relativity II, Pages 281-302
Chapter 13 – Particle Physics, Pages 303-352
Chapter 14 – Nuclear Physics, Pages 353-379
Appendix A – Constants and Conversion Factors, Pages 381-382
Appendix B – Atomic Masses, Pages 383-388
Appendix C – Introduction to MATLAB, Pages 389-392
Appendix D – Solution of the Oscillator Equation, Pages 393-396
Appendix E – The Average Value of the Momentum, Pages 397-398
Appendix F – The Hartree-Fock Applet, Pages 399-400
Appendix G – Integrals that Arise in Statistical Physics, Pages 401-403
Index, Pages 405-409
Appendix AA – The Gradient and Laplacian Operators, Pages e1-e3
Appendix BB – Solution of the Schrödinger Equation in Spherical Coordinates, Pages e5-e9
Appendix CC – More Accurate Solutions of the Eigenvalue Problem, Pages e11-e18
Appendix DD – The Angular Momentum Operators, Pages e19-e24
Appendix EE – The Radial Equation for Hydrogen, Pages e25-e26
Appendix FF – Transition Probabilities for z-Polarized Light, Pages e27-e30
Appendix GG – Transitions with x- and y-Polarized Light, Pages e31-e32
Appendix HH – Derivation of the Distribution Laws, Pages e33-e35
Appendix II – Derivation of Bloch’s Theorem, Pages e37-e38
Appendix JJ – The Band Gap, Pages e39-e41
Appendix KK – Vector Spaces and Matrices, Pages e43-e46
Appendix LL – Algebraic Solution of the Oscillator, Pages e47-e50

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