Physics 5th Edition by James S. Walker

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Book Description

College students are given a solid conceptual grasp of physics that can be articulated mathematically and applied to the real world that surrounds them via James Walker’s Physics, Fifth Edition. Students and teachers alike have lauded Walker’s Physics for its calming tone, the author’s ability to simplify complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, an alluring art program, and a wide variety of outstanding homework problems and example-types that make it easier to solve difficulties. The fifth edition includes a variety of new “just-in-time” learning aids, such as “Big Ideas,” which are designed to quickly orient students to the overarching principles of each chapter; new Real-World Physics and Biological applications; and a wealth of problem-solving support features that are designed to guide college students through the process of applying logic and reasoning to problem-solving.

Designed to be used in algebra-heavy algebra-based introductory physics classes.

In the Words of the Author

In 1978, James Walker graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in theoretical physics from the University of Washington. After then, he went on to do post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of California, San Diego, prior to joining the physics department at Western Washington University. The fields of statistical mechanics, chaos, and critical phenomena are some of Professor Walker’s primary research interests. His many articles on the application of renormalization-group theory to systems that range from absorbed monolayers to binary-fluid mixtures have been published in Physical Review, Physica, Physical Review Letters, and a variety of other publications. These articles can be found in the Physical Review. Additionally, he has taken part in observations conducted on the peak of Mauna Kea in the hunt for evidence of planets that reside in other solar systems.

Jim Walker enjoys working with students of all ages and abilities; he has judged science competitions at elementary schools, co-written research papers with graduate college students, and taught introductory physics for a number of years. He currently teaches introductory physics. His reputation as an enthusiastic, imaginative, and effective lecturer stems from the fact that he genuinely enjoys teaching college students and has a strong sense of empathy for their plight. Jim’s educational writings include an article titled “Reappearing Phases,” which was published in Scientific American in May 1987, as well as articles that appeared in The Physics Teacher and American Journal of Physics. Jim was awarded the title of Boeing Distinguished Professor of Science and Mathematics Education for the 2001–2003 academic year in appreciation of the significant contributions he has made to the physics education program at Western Washington University.

Jim enjoys amateur astronomy, bird and dragonfly watching, chasing eclipses, juggling, unicycling, boogie boarding, and kayaking when he is not teaching, conducting research, writing, or developing new classroom demonstrations and pedagogical materials. He also enjoys developing new classroom demonstrations and pedagogical materials. Jim enjoys playing the jazz piano and organ in his spare time. The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, which are an affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, and the Bellingham Mariners, which are an affiliate of the Seattle Mariners are two of the Class A minor league baseball teams for which he has worked as the ballpark organist. He is so skilled that he can play Take Me Out to the Ball Game even when he is sleeping.


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