Pathophysiology for the Health Professions (5th Edition)

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Karin C. VanMeter, Robert J. Hubert


Saunders; 5th edition




720 pages









Book Description

Gould’s Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 5th Edition (PDF) provides you with a condensed and straightforward introduction to the fundamentals, allowing you to discover essential ideas of important diseases and disorders, as well as the disease processes themselves. The text has been updated to include the most recent findings from research as well as trends in human disease, while maintaining its well-known legacy of easy readability and beautiful, full-color pictures. Disorders are classified according to the body system that they affect, coverage is provided for the links that exist between systems, and additional features assist you in applying the information to real-world scenarios. Gould’s Pathophysiology, 5th Edition will prepare you for the challenges you will experience in clinical practice, regardless of the area of healthcare that you choose to enter. The information in the Warning Signs boxes can assist you in recognizing the warning symptoms that may precede physiologic events such as strokes.


  • You can better emphasize the most important ideas and information with the assistance of learning objectives and bulleted chapter summaries.
  • The one-of-a-kind “Think About” questions help you prepare for tests, conduct self-evaluations, and go over previously covered material more thoroughly.
  • In the research boxes, recent developments, complexities related with research, and problematic areas of pathophysiology are discussed.
  • The essential scientific terminology is covered in this book, and each chapter begins with a glossary of key terms, followed by definitions of those terms throughout the chapter.
  • You’ll be asked to apply what you’ve studied to make predictions in the Apply Your Knowledge questions. What are the potential problems that could arise with this structure or system?
  • In the event of a medical emergency, such as cardiac arrest, shock, or pneumothorax, the instructions contained in emergency treatment kits can be followed step by step.
  • Even if you have a limited scientific experience, you should still be able to understand a method that is concise and easy to read because it will provide the information you require without being overwhelming.
  • Quick lookups for anatomical words, abbreviations and acronyms, conversion tables, diagnostic studies and tests, and other information are available in the appendix under the heading “Ready References.”
  • Coverage of inflammation and healing, infection, and immunity are now combined under the NEW Defense/Protective Mechanisms section.
  • The material of the UPDATED chapters has been reorganized using a building-block strategy, which presents the information in a manner that is more rational and methodical.
  • The UPDATED structure for the various illnesses comprises the following sections: 1) background; 2) pathophysiology; and 3) signs and symptoms. 4) the cause; 5) the diagnosis; 6) the likely associated illnesses and problems; and 7) the therapies and the research.
  • NEW! The chapters of the book “Pathophysiology of Body Systems” begin with a brief review of normal anatomy and physiology and then proceed to show the interactions and interrelatedness between the body’s many systems.
  • NEW writers bring a current and innovative perspective to the material, while maintaining the text’s integrity and staying true to Barbara Gould’s original vision.





“Gould’s Pathophysiology for the Health Professions 5e can be readily incorporated into a course as a required ebook for students studying for careers in the health care industry. The contributors to this ebook should be commended for their important contributions to the body of literature on pathophysiology and its relevance to the health care industry. — Benita Olivier, Ph.D., of the University of the Witwatersrand

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