Principles of Microeconomics: An Integrative Approach

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Martin Colmar


Springer; 1st ed. 2017 edition




336 pages









Book Description

This introductory guide to contemporary microeconomics, Colmar’s Principles of Microeconomics: An Integrative Approach (PDF), is both thorough and original in its presentation of the subject matter. It takes an integrative approach by putting the most important findings of economics into a broader perspective. Theories are critically reflected on from a philosophical standpoint and by comparing them to approaches found in the social sciences. Implications for the design of the legal system and business practices are highlighted throughout the book. In addition, the e-book includes both condensed examples and in-depth case studies, both of which are designed to make it easier to comprehend the relevance of the theories to the actual world.

This book adopts an institutional perspective to analyze the potential and limitations of various market types with regard to alleviating scarcity and achieving distributive objectives. The book begins with the question of why and how societies organize economic activity, and it moves on to consider how different market types can help achieve distributive objectives. Not only does it discuss conventional theories of rational decision, but it also methodically introduces readers to significant results from behavioral economics and psychology.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xii
Front Matter ….Pages 1-1
First Principles (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 3-23
Gains from Trade (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 25-42
Front Matter ….Pages 43-43
Introduction (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 45-53
Supply and Demand Under Perfect Competition (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 55-82
Normative Economics (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 83-97
Externalities and the Limits of Markets (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 99-141
Front Matter ….Pages 143-144
Decisions and Consumer Behavior (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 145-182
Costs (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 183-197
Front Matter ….Pages 199-199
A Second Look at Firm Behavior Under Perfect Competition (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 201-220
Firm Behavior in Monopolistic Markets (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 221-254
Principles of Game Theory (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 255-279
Firm Behavior in Oligopolistic Markets (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 281-300
Front Matter ….Pages 301-301
A Case Study (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 303-318
Mathematical Appendix (Martin Kolmar)….Pages 319-330
Back Matter ….Pages 331-336


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