Processes of Visuospatial Attention and Working Memory

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Book Description

The Processes of Visuospatial Attention and Working Memory (PDF) book includes a wide variety of contemporary research subjects that are concerned with the function of visuospatial attention and working memory. In it, a variety of perspectives are discussed, spanning from the genetic and evolutionary roots to the neurological substrates and computational processes, as well as the connection between working memory and attention. The contributions address the problem on the molecular, system, and evolutionary dimensions, and they will be of interest to a variety of audiences, ranging from animal behavior specialists and experimental psychologists to clinicians working in the fields of psychiatry and neurology.

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-x
Front Matter ….Pages 1-1
The Evolution of Gaze Shifting Eye Movements (Michael F. Land)….Pages 3-11
Visuospatial Integration and Hand-Tool Interaction in Cognitive Archaeology (Emiliano Bruner, Annapaola Fedato, María Silva-Gago, Rodrigo Alonso-Alcalde, Marcos Terradillos-Bernal, María Ángeles Fernández-Durantes et al.)….Pages 13-36
Development of Visual-Spatial Attention (Scott P. Johnson)….Pages 37-58
Variations in the Beneficial Effects of Spatial Structure and Serial Organisation on Working Memory Span in Humans and Other Species (Carlo De Lillo)….Pages 59-83
Front Matter ….Pages 85-85
Biasing Allocations of Attention via Selective Weighting of Saliency Signals: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Evidence for the Dimension-Weighting Account (Heinrich René Liesefeld, Anna M. Liesefeld, Stefan Pollmann, Hermann J. Müller)….Pages 87-113
Active Inference, Novelty and Neglect (Thomas Parr, Karl J. Friston)….Pages 115-128
Prefrontal Contributions to Attention and Working Memory (Zahra Bahmani, Kelsey Clark, Yaser Merrikhi, Adrienne Mueller, Warren Pettine, M. Isabel Vanegas et al.)….Pages 129-153
Functions of Memory Across Saccadic Eye Movements (David Aagten-Murphy, Paul M. Bays)….Pages 155-183
What Is Memory-Guided Attention? How Past Experiences Shape Selective Visuospatial Attention in the Present (Danlei Chen, J. Benjamin Hutchinson)….Pages 185-212
Superstitious Perception: Comparing Perceptual Prediction by Humans and Neural Networks (Patrick Laflamme, James T. Enns)….Pages 213-243
Dynamic Protention: The Architecture of Real-Time Cognition for Future Events (Mark A. Elliott, Liam Coleman)….Pages 245-254
The Relationship Between Spatial Attention and Eye Movements (Amelia R. Hunt, Josephine Reuther, Matthew D. Hilchey, Raymond M. Klein)….Pages 255-278
Functional Imaging of Visuospatial Attention in Complex and Naturalistic Conditions (Emiliano Macaluso)….Pages 279-302
Front Matter ….Pages 303-303
Visual Search in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (Daniel T. Smith, Neil Archibald)….Pages 305-324
Working Memory in Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease (Nahid Zokaei, Masud Husain)….Pages 325-344
Mechanisms Underlying Visuospatial Working Memory Impairments in Schizophrenia (Megan Ichinose, Sohee Park)….Pages 345-367
Dopamine and Working Memory: Genetic Variation, Stress and Implications for Mental Health (Kristel Klaus, Kyla Pennington)….Pages 369-391
Eye Movements in Neuropsychological Tasks (Timothy L. Hodgson, Gemma Ezard, Frouke Hermens)….Pages 393-418

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