Programming and Problem Solving with C++ (Comprehensive Edition)

Download Programming and Problem Solving with C++ (Comprehensive Edition) written by Nell Dale ; Chip Weems in PDF format. This book is under the category Computer - Programming and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1284076598/9781284076592. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Chip Weems

Nell Dale



Nell Dale ; Chip Weems












Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc

Book Description

Every new print edition comes with access to the Navigate 2 Advantage, which grants the user access to a comprehensive and interactive eBook, a variety of student practice activities and exams, a complete set of instructor materials, and learning analytics reporting tools. This is the definitive, best-selling edition of the C++ text that has been completely reorganized and updated. Programming and Problem Solving with C++, which has become a runaway best-seller, is now the only book on the market that provides an introduction to C++, object-oriented programming, and software development that is both crystal clear and extremely comprehensive. This text has been accepted as a model text for the ACM/IEEE-recommended curricula for CS1 courses and for the Advanced Placement exam in computer science by hundreds of colleges and universities around the world. The text is easy enough to understand for students who are just starting out in the field of computer science. This approach, which is student-centered, pragmatic, and hands-on, was developed by the renowned author team of Nell Dale and Chip Weems. The goal of this approach is to make even the most complex ideas in computer science programming accessible to all students. The Programming and Problem Solving with C++, Sixth Edition continues to be the go-to text for students taking introductory computer science programming courses due to its comprehensive nature and student-friendly nature. For the one-semester class, there is also a Short Edition available (ISBN: 978-1-284-02864-5). Each freshly produced edition of the book comes bundled with a copy of Navigate 2 Advantage Acess and gives students unrestricted access to Turing's Craft Bespoke CodeLab. In Navigate 2, technology and content come together to broaden the scope of what can be accomplished in a classroom setting. The value that Navigate 2 provides cannot be matched, regardless of whether you teach in a traditional classroom setting, a hybrid setting, or entirely online. Visit today to get started with Navigate 2! 2 Highlights of the Sixth Edition are as Follows: Includes brand new programming tasks in addition to a reorganized structure that is more user-friendly for students. Contains effective pedagogical features such as real-world case studies and highly relevant exercises that serve to reinforce important ideas and construct important skills. teaches students the constructs of the C++ programming language in tandem with the relevant theory, allowing them to quickly comprehend the practical implications of their studies. Every single freshly printed edition of the book comes complete with a student login and password for Turing's Craft Bespoke CodeLab. Students are given the opportunity to gain practical experience in C++ programming through the use of CodeLab, which has been tailored to correspond with the structure of the text. The system quickly evaluates the validity of the code that is typed in by the pupils and provides suggestions for constructing and enhancing coding abilities. Good for packaging together with other products Nell Dale's A Laboratory Course in C++ is a downloadable resource that can be purchased under the ISBN number 978-1-284-02590-3. Has a comprehensive collection of supplementary resources, such as a full source code that can be used by both students and teachers, PowerPoint Lecture Outlines, and a Test Bank.


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