Self-Regulation and Ego Control

Download Self-Regulation and Ego Control written by Edward R. Hirt, Joshua John Clarkson, Lile Jia in PDF format. This book is under the category Physiology and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 012801850X/9780128018507. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Edward R. Hirt, Joshua John Clarkson, Lile Jia


Academic Press




465 pages









Book Description

Self-Regulation and Ego Control; (PDF) researches the physiological effects of depletion, as well as the effects of psychological variables in self-control depletion effects, the part that motivational and goal states play in self-control depletion effects, and the numerous cognitive perspectives on self-control exertion. This insightful ebook begins with an introduction of ego depletion phenomena, self-control theories, and experimental examples of research in self-control. It then proceeds to the final chapter, which outlines more comprehensive and inclusive models of self-regulation that can account for the full spectrum of results from current research.

In recent years, researchers have had a difficult time pinpointing the resources that are ultimately responsible for the effects of depletion. In addition, more recent research has identified a number of psychological and motivational factors that, when present, can result in improved depletion effects. These findings have caused many people to question the assumptions of the main strength model, and they have led some to suggest that capacity limitations alone cannot account for the perceived effects of depletion. The book “Self-Regulation and Ego Control” helps researchers from various ideological camps simplify their discourse with one another and advances more integrated perspectives of self-regulation based on the findings of this research.

  • Facilitates conversation between researchers working in the same field who come from a variety of ideological camps.
  • Notifies and enriches future research, while also advancing more combined perspectives of self-regulation
  • Describes the overlap between mental and physical exhaustion, as well as the potential for interaction between resources and the ability to substitute them.
  • Included are the neuropsychological findings that point to the existence of depletion effects, with an emphasis placed on the roles of reward, valuation, and control in self-regulation.
  • Analyzes the probabilities of changes in mental energy; the roles of self-control and individual differences in the regulation of the amount of self-control exertion that is required
  • Disputes the idea that capacity limits are revealed by depletion and includes more recent models that take a more motivational account of resource allocation
  • Focuses on the effects of a variety of states as moderators of depletion, such as power, positive mood, implementation intentions, mindfulness, and social rejection
  • Defining the differences between self-control in the context of goal-directed behavior and related terms such as executive control, self-regulation, and inhibition is addressed in this article for clarity.

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