Software Engineering and Formal Methods: 17th International Conference; SEFM 2019; Oslo; Norway; September 18–20; 2019; Proceedings

Download Software Engineering and Formal Methods: 17th International Conference; SEFM 2019; Oslo; Norway; September 18–20; 2019; Proceedings written by Peter Csaba Olveczky, Gwen Salaun in PDF format. This book is under the category Computers and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 3030304450/9783030304454. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Peter Csaba Olveczky, Gwen Salaun






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Book Description

This ebook Software Engineering and Formal Methods (PDF) constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods; SEFM 2019; held in Oslo; Norway; in September 2019.

The 27 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 89 submissions. The papers cover a large variety of topics; including testing; formal verification; runtime verification; program analysis; malware; and attack detection;and software development and evolution and address a wide range of systems; such as cyber-physical systems; UAVs; autonomous robots; and feature-oriented and operating systems. They are organized in the following topical sections: cyber-physical systems; feature-oriented and versioned systems; cooperative asynchronous systems; model inference; ontologies and machine learning; model-based testing; program analysis; relating models and implementations; runtime verification; operating systems; security; and verification.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xviii
Front Matter ….Pages 1-1
Object-Centric Process Mining: Dealing with Divergence and Convergence in Event Data (Wil M. P. van der Aalst)….Pages 3-25
Front Matter ….Pages 27-27
Relating Session Types and Behavioural Contracts: The Asynchronous Case (Mario Bravetti, Gianluigi Zavattaro)….Pages 29-47
Asynchronous Cooperative Contracts for Cooperative Scheduling (Eduard Kamburjan, Crystal Chang Din, Reiner Hähnle, Einar Broch Johnsen)….Pages 48-66
Front Matter ….Pages 67-67
Automatic Failure Explanation in CPS Models (Ezio Bartocci, Niveditha Manjunath, Leonardo Mariani, Cristinel Mateis, Dejan Ničković)….Pages 69-86
Evolution of Formal Model-Based Assurance Cases for Autonomous Robots (Mario Gleirscher, Simon Foster, Yakoub Nemouchi)….Pages 87-104
Towards Integrating Formal Verification of Autonomous Robots with Battery Prognostics and Health Management (Xingyu Zhao, Matt Osborne, Jenny Lantair, Valentin Robu, David Flynn, Xiaowei Huang et al.)….Pages 105-124
Front Matter ….Pages 125-125
SAT Encodings of the At-Most-k Constraint (Paul Maximilian Bittner, Thomas Thüm, Ina Schaefer)….Pages 127-144
Software Evolution with a Typeful Version Control System (Luís Carvalho, João Costa Seco)….Pages 145-161
Compositional Feature-Oriented Systems (Clemens Dubslaff)….Pages 162-180
Front Matter ….Pages 181-181
Multi-objective Search for Effective Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems (Hugo Araujo, Gustavo Carvalho, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Augusto Sampaio)….Pages 183-202
Mutation Testing with Hyperproperties (Andreas Fellner, Mitra Tabaei Befrouei, Georg Weissenbacher)….Pages 203-221
Test Model Coverage Analysis Under Uncertainty (I. S. W. B. Prasetya, Rick Klomp)….Pages 222-239
Front Matter ….Pages 241-241
Learning Minimal DFA: Taking Inspiration from RPNI to Improve SAT Approach (Florent Avellaneda, Alexandre Petrenko)….Pages 243-256
Incorporating Data into EFSM Inference (Michael Foster, Achim D. Brucker, Ramsay G. Taylor, Siobhán North, John Derrick)….Pages 257-272
Front Matter ….Pages 273-273
Isabelle/DOF: Design and Implementation (Achim D. Brucker, Burkhart Wolff)….Pages 275-292
Towards Logical Specification of Statistical Machine Learning (Yusuke Kawamoto)….Pages 293-311
Front Matter ….Pages 313-313
Efficient Formal Verification for the Linux Kernel (Daniel Bristot de Oliveira, Tommaso Cucinotta, Rômulo Silva de Oliveira)….Pages 315-332
Reproducible Execution of POSIX Programs with DiOS (Petr Ročkai, Zuzana Baranová, Jan Mrázek, Katarína Kejstová, Jiří Barnat)….Pages 333-349
Front Matter ….Pages 351-351
Using Relational Verification for Program Slicing (Bernhard Beckert, Thorsten Bormer, Stephan Gocht, Mihai Herda, Daniel Lentzsch, Mattias Ulbrich)….Pages 353-372
Local Nontermination Detection for Parallel C++ Programs (Vladimír Štill, Jiří Barnat)….Pages 373-390
Front Matter ….Pages 391-391
An Implementation Relation for Cyclic Systems with Refusals and Discrete Time (Raluca Lefticaru, Robert M. Hierons, Manuel Núñez)….Pages 393-409
Modular Indirect Push-Button Formal Verification of Multi-threaded Code Generators (Anton Wijs, Maciej Wiłkowski)….Pages 410-429
Front Matter ….Pages 431-431
An Operational Guide to Monitorability (Luca Aceto, Antonis Achilleos, Adrian Francalanza, Anna Ingólfsdóttir, Karoliina Lehtinen)….Pages 433-453
Let’s Prove It Later—Verification at Different Points in Time (Martin Ring, Christoph Lüth)….Pages 454-468
Front Matter ….Pages 469-469
Using Threat Analysis Techniques to Guide Formal Verification: A Case Study of Cooperative Awareness Messages (Marie Farrell, Matthew Bradbury, Michael Fisher, Louise A. Dennis, Clare Dixon, Hu Yuan et al.)….Pages 471-490
Towards Detecting Trigger-Based Behavior in Binaries: Uncovering the Correct Environment (Dorottya Papp, Thorsten Tarrach, Levente Buttyán)….Pages 491-509
Front Matter ….Pages 511-511
Formal Verification of Rewriting Rules for Dynamic Fault Trees (Yassmeen Elderhalli, Matthias Volk, Osman Hasan, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Sofiène Tahar)….Pages 513-531
Partially Bounded Context-Aware Verification (Luka Le Roux, Ciprian Teodorov)….Pages 532-548
Back Matter ….Pages 549-550


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