Spectroscopy of Lanthanide Doped Oxide Materials

Download Spectroscopy of Lanthanide Doped Oxide Materials written by Sanjay J. Dhoble, Vijay B. Pawade, Hendrik C. Swart, Vibha Chopra in PDF format. This book is under the category Chemistry and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 81029357/9780081029350. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Sanjay J. Dhoble, Vijay B. Pawade, Hendrik C. Swart, Vibha Chopra


Woodhead Publishing




439 pages









Book Description

This document, titled “Spectroscopy of Lanthanide Doped Oxide Materials” (PDF), provides a detailed description of the most important techniques for characterizing these materials, as well as their most important applications. This e-book discusses the application of optical spectroscopy to lanthanides-doped inorganic phosphor hosts and provides information about the structure and morphology of these hosts, as well as the energy of transition, binding energies, and bandgap. In addition, the features and applications of extraordinary earth-doped inorganic materials are explored, as are the obstacles that prevent the commercial implementation of phosphors in essential applications and the probable solutions to these obstacles.

This ebook provides an overview of crucial information for individuals who are just beginning their careers in phosphor research, as well as fundamental information regarding the behavior of transition series elements when exposed to UV, visible, and NIR light. Spectroscopic characterisation methods as well as low-cost materials procedures for manufacturing the materials are also covered in this article.


  • Describes low-cost material approaches for the synthesis of lanthanide doped oxide materials and discusses their properties.
  • a study that analyzes the obstacles as well as the possible solutions that could lead to the commercialization of inorganic phosphors
  • Provides readers with a complete understanding of important attributes for the most related applications, including lighting and display; energy conversion and solar cell devices; and more.



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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Content: 1. Introduction to electronic spectroscopy of lanthanide, properties, and their applications 2. Development in the innovation of lead halide-based perovskite quantum dots from rare earth-doped garnet-based phosphors for light-emitting diodes 3. Luminescent dynamics of rare earth-doped CaTiO3 phosphors 4. Ln2+, 3+-doped aluminosilicate-based phopshors 5. Lanthanide-doped orthometallate phosphors 6. Lanthanide-doped orthovanadate phosphors: Syntheses, structures, and photoluminescence properties 7. Study of RE ion-doped oxide glass materials for photonic applications 8. Advanced research on oxynitride phosphors 9. Highly luminescent ZnO based upconversion thin films grown by sol-gel spin coating 10. Luminescence properties of rare-earth doped oxide materials 11. Role of lanthanide substitution on suitable sites in enhancing the properties of various electroceramics 12. Rare-earth doping in afterglow oxide phosphors: Materials, persistence mechanisms, and dark vision display applications

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