Stevens’ Handbook of Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (4th Edition) – 5 Volumes

Download Stevens’ Handbook of Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (4th Edition) – 5 Volumes written by John T. Wixted, Elizabeth A. Phelps, Lila Davachi in PDF format. This book is under the category Medicine and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 111917001X; 1119170044; 1119170052; 1119170125; 1119170699;/9781119170013/ 9781119170044/ 9781119170051/ 9781119170129. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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John T. Wixted, Elizabeth A. Phelps, Lila Davachi






5 volumes






111917001X; 1119170044; 1119170052; 1119170125; 1119170699;


9781119170013/ 9781119170044/ 9781119170051/ 9781119170129

Book Description

There are 5 volumes in this. All volumes are included.

Volume 1: Learning and Memory: Elizabeth Phelps & Lila Davachi (Volume Editors)

Topics covered include working memory; fear learning; memory and future imagining; education and memory; emotion and memory; sleep and memory; motivation and memory; attention and memory; inhibition in memory; autobiographical memory; eyewitness memory; aging and memory; and category learning.

Volume 2: Sensation; Perception and Attention: John Serences (Volume Editor)

(Topics covered include taste; visual object recognition; touch; motor control; depth perception; the interface theory of perception; perceptual learning; vestibular; proprioceptive; and haptic contributions to spatial orientation; audition; time perception; olfaction; perception and interactive technology; attention; multisensory integration; motion perception; music perception; perceptual rhythms; perceptual organization; vision; perception for action; visual search; color vision; visual cognition/working memory.)

Volume 3: Language and Thought: Sharon Thompson-Schill (Volume Editor)

(Topics covered include embodied cognition; discourse and dialogue; speech production; concepts and categorization; reading; creativity; culture and cognition; reasoning; bilingualism; speech perception; sentence processing; word processing; semantic memory; spatial cognition; moral reasoning.)

Volume 4: Developmental and Social Psychology: Simona Ghetti (Volume Editor)

(Topics covered include the development of visual attention; self-evaluation; moral development; person perception; memory; emotion-cognition interactions; motivation group processes; development of scientific thinking; implicit social cognition; development of mathematical reasoning; language acquisition; emotion regulation; development of the theory of mind; emotional development; category and conceptual development; executive function; attitudes.)

Volume 5: Methodology: E. J. Wagenmakers (Volume Editor)

Topics covered include methods and models in categorization; cultural consensus theory; response time modeling; analyzing neural time series data; network models for clinical psychology; convergent methods of memory research; models and methods for reinforcement learning; bayesian cognitive modeling; theories for discriminating signal from noise; the stop-signal paradigm; mathematical modeling in cognition and cognitive neuroscience; model comparison in psychology; fmri; hypothesis testing and statistical inference; open science; neural recordings; serial versus parallel processing; neural networks and neurocomputational modeling; methods in psychophysics.

NOTE: All 5 volumes of Steven’s Handbook of Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience 4th edition are included in this as PDF files.




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