The West: A Narrative History; Volume 1: To 1660 (3rd Edition)

Download The West: A Narrative History; Volume 1: To 1660 (3rd Edition) written by A. Daniel Frankforter, William M. Spellman in PDF format. This book is under the category History and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 0205241077; 0205973728; 0205921957/9780205180936/ 9780205241071/ 9780205973729/ 9780205921959. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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A. Daniel Frankforter, William M. Spellman


Pearson; 3rd edition




496 pages






0205241077; 0205973728; 0205921957


9780205180936/ 9780205241071/ 9780205973729/ 9780205921959

Book Description

This is the third edition of The West: A Narrative History, Volume 1. (PDF) is a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the Western world, including all cultures that trace their lineage back to the ancient Mediterranean region. It is not a condensed version of a more extensive study but rather a condensed account of the entire history of the Western hemisphere.

This learning program is built around a Key Question that is presented in each chapter. This is a feature that demonstrates to pupils why western culture is relevant for them. The students will come to the realization that the major questions that outline the past are, in quite a few ways, the same important questions of today. The writers highlight the current role that the Middle East has played in creating Western culture because many college students typically view a conflict in modern society between a Christian “West” and an Islamic “East.” Students will develop an understanding of the parallels that can be drawn between people from the West and those from other parts of the world.

The West is a versatile program that can be found in a variety of formats with the intention of providing lecturers and students with a larger variety of options and more strategies to cut costs. The publication of the third edition transforms this book into an integrated application that is intimately connected to the latest version of MyHistoryLab.

A more beneficial educational and instructional experience – Both you and the kids that you teach at your school will benefit from the enhanced learning and teaching opportunities that this program provides. How to do it:



  • Students should be encouraged to participate in the discussion by having illustrations, maps, and a biography feature included in the narrative.
  • This textbook comes with a variety of supplemental materials for teachers, including a Class Preparation Tool, MyHistoryLab, an Instructor’s Manual, MyTest, PowerPoints, and an Annotated Instructor’s eText. All of these can be found in the package.
  • Enhance Your Critical Thinking Capabilities – Each chapter begins with a Key Question and a brief essay about the Key Question. At the end of the chapter, we take a second look at the Key Question, and the MyHistoryLab Icons and Connections options make certain that the new MyHistoryLab is integrated as seamlessly as possible.
  • Personalize Learning — The new MyHistoryLab provides proven results in assisting students to succeed, provides engaging experiences that personalize learning, and originates from a reliable partner with extensive teaching experience and a profound dedication to assisting both teachers and students in achieving their goals.



Find this textbook in a mixed quantity by searching under the ISBN number: 0205180957.

Search under the following ISBN number for the second edition of this textbook: 0205180914

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