Twenty-First Century Marianne Moore: Essays from a Critical Renaissance

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Elizabeth Gregory, Stacy Carson Hubbard


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Book Description

This collection of essays, titled Twenty-First Century Marianne Moore: Essays from a Critical Renaissance (PDF), represents a new spectrum of critical awareness and marks the beginning of what may be considered a Marianne Moore renaissance in the twenty-first century. The pieces investigate Moore’s engagement in modernist organizations and groups, her influence on succeeding generations of artists, and the dynamics of her post-World War II work, which is usually ignored. At the same time, they trace the ways in which the development of her poetics has intersected with shifts in cultural politics during the course of her career. The essays give particularly interesting views on Moore’s connections and her late-career role as a cultural icon by drawing on fresh perspectives from previously unknown biographical data and new editions and archives of Moore’s work.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xviii
Introduction (Elizabeth Gregory, Stacy Carson Hubbard)….Pages 1-11
Front Matter ….Pages 13-13
Marianne Moore’s Gustatory Imagination (Robin G. Schulze)….Pages 15-32
“These Things”: Moore’s Habits of Adduction (Roger Gilbert)….Pages 33-48
Moore’s Numbers (Fiona Green)….Pages 49-65
Yellow Roses and Bulbuls: Marianne Moore’s Persian Effects (Stacy Carson Hubbard)….Pages 67-85
Front Matter ….Pages 87-87
“Contrarieties Equally True”: Marianne Moore and William Blake (Patricia C. Willis)….Pages 89-111
“The Teacher Was Speaking of Unrhymed Verse”: Marianne Moore, E. H. Kellogg, and the Poetry of Modernist Hermeneutics (Jennifer L. Leader)….Pages 113-128
Front Matter ….Pages 129-129
Editorial Compression: Marianne Moore at The Dial Magazine (Victoria Bazin)….Pages 131-147
Marianne Moore and Modern Labor (Linda A. Kinnahan)….Pages 149-166
Marianne Moore’s “Light Is Speech,” Decision Magazine, and the Wartime Work of Intellectual Exchange (Emily Setina)….Pages 167-183
“Mysteries Expound Mysteries”: Marianne Moore’s Influence on John Ashbery (Karin Roffman)….Pages 185-199
Front Matter ….Pages 201-201
“The First Grace of Style”: Marianne Moore and the Writing of Dancing (Aurore Clavier)….Pages 203-219
“Passion for the Particular”: Marianne Moore, Henry James, Beatrix Potter, and the Refuge of Close Reading (Zachary Finch)….Pages 221-235
Is Andy Warhol Marianne Moore? Celebrity, Celibacy and Subversion (Elizabeth Gregory)….Pages 237-251
Front Matter ….Pages 253-253
Archiving Marianne Moore (Patricia C. Willis)….Pages 255-260
Finding Moore: No Search Engines, No Indexes, No Computers (Bonnie Costello)….Pages 261-263
Documenting Moore (Cristanne Miller)….Pages 265-268
Discovering Moore (Robin G. Schulze)….Pages 269-272
Advertising Moore (Linda Leavell)….Pages 273-275
Editing Moore (Heather Cass White)….Pages 277-280
Back Matter ….Pages 281-292

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