Ultimate Limit State Analysis and Design of Plated Structures (2nd Edition)

Download Ultimate Limit State Analysis and Design of Plated Structures (2nd Edition) written by Jeom Kee Paik in PDF format. This book is under the category Engineering and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1119367794/9781119367796. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Jeom Kee Paik


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Book Description

Ultimate Limit State Analysis and Design of Plated Structures 2nd edition (PDF) reviews and describes both the fundamental and practical design procedures for the ultimate limit state design of ductile steel plated structures.

The new 2nd edition of this well-established reference reviews and describes both fundamentals and practical design procedures for steel plated structures. The derivation of the basic mathematical expressions is presented together with a thorough discussion of the assumptions and the validity of the underlying solution methods and expressions.

Furthermore; this ebook is also an easily accessed design tool; which facilitates learning by applying the concepts of the limit states for practice using a set of computer programs; which can be downloaded. Ultimate Limit State Design of Steel Plated Structures 2e provides expert guidance on mechanical model test results as well as nonlinear finite element solutions; sophisticated design methodologies useful for practitioners in industries or research institutions; and selected methods for accurate and efficient analyses of nonlinear behavior of steel plated structures both up to and after the ultimate strength is reached.

  • Includes a new chapter on a semi-analytical method
  • Provides results for existing mechanical model tests
  • Covers recent advances and developments in the field
  • Supported by a companion website with illustrative example data sheets
  • Offers a thorough discussion of assumptions and the validity of underlying expressions and solution methods
  • Includes new topics on constitutive equations of steels; test database associated with low/elevated temperature; and strain rates

Designed as both a textbook and a handy reference; Ultimate Limit State Design of Steel Plated Structures; 2nd Edition is well suited to university students and teachers who are approaching the limit state design technology of steel plated structures for the first time. It also meets the needs of structural designers or researchers who are involved in civil; marine; and mechanical engineering as well as offshore engineering and naval architecture.

NOTE: Only includes the PDF eBook. Does not come with any codes or online access.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Content: Preface. About the Authors. How to Use This Book. Principles of Limit State Design. Buckling and Ultimate Strength Behavior of Plate-Stiffener Combinations: Beams, Columns and Beam-Columns. Elastic and Inelastic Buckling of Plates under Complex Circumstances. Post-Buckling and Ultimate Strength Behavior of Plates. Elastic and Inelastic Buckling of Stiffened Panels and Grillages. Post-buckling and Ultimate Strength Behavior of Stiffened Panels and Grillages. Ultimate Strength of Plate Assemblies: Plate Girders, Box Columns/Girders and Corrugated Panels. Ultimate Strength of Ship Hulls. Impact Mechanics and Structural Design for Accidents. Fracture Mechanics and Ultimate Strength of Cracked Structures. A Semi-analytical Method for the Elastic-Plastic Large-deflection Analysis of Plates under Combined Loading. The Nonlinear Finite Element Method. The Idealized Structural Unit Method. Appendices. Index.


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