Underwater Acoustic Modeling and Simulation (5th Edition)

Download Underwater Acoustic Modeling and Simulation (5th Edition) written by Paul C. Etter in PDF format. This book is under the category Engineering and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1138054925/9781138054929. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Paul C. Etter


CRC Press; 5th edition




638 pages









Book Description

This most recent updated and improved Underwater Acoustic Modeling and Simulation; 5th edition; (PDF) includes new content to all chapters, particularly in mathematical propagation models as well as special applications and inverse techniques. It features the most recent models for underwater acoustic propagation, reverberation, noise, and sonar performance, and it has updated environmental-acoustic data in core summary tables and companion tables.

The fifth edition of Paul Etter’s ebook, titled Underwater Acoustic Modeling and Simulation, explores how our scientific understanding of sound in the ocean may be translated into mathematical models that can mimic noise, acoustic transmission, and reverberation in the water. The performance of sophisticated sonar systems that are functioning in the undersea environment can be predicted and diagnosed with the help of these models, which are employed in a wide variety of research and operational applications. The most recent version of this book, which is now in its fifth edition, covers recent developments in the creation and application of underwater acoustic models. Over the course of this time period, the number of underwater acoustic models has grown by approximately 10 percent, suggesting a sustained expansion of activities linked to research and development in this field. The most recent significant advancements are broken down into new subsections that have been added to the current chapters. This e-book is designed for individuals who have a fundamental understanding of underwater acoustics, but who are not yet familiar with the many parts of modeling. Those individuals can benefit greatly from reading this book. This ebook contains a level of technical depth that is suitable for a wide range of students and practitioners in the fields of sonar technology, marine engineering, acoustical oceanography, systems engineering, naval operations analysis, and applied mathematics. In this paper, sufficient mathematical derivations are supplied to demonstrate model formulations. In addition, instructions are provided to assist in the selection of these models and their appropriate application.


  • a current inventory of the many versions of underwater acoustic equipment that are available for use in ongoing research and development activities
  • The incorporation of up-to-date discussion and analytical questions into each individual chapter in order to assist students in evaluating their level of comprehension.
  • Detailed instructions on the appropriate way to apply models and the appropriate way to analyze the findings in order to evaluate the predictability of outcomes.
  • Discussion of particular examples of each sort of model to highlight assumptions, model formulations, and the effectiveness of the algorithm.
  • A presentation showing how underwater acoustic models can be used as tools that make it possible to evaluate the effects of noise on the soundscape of the ocean.



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