Williams Obstetrics (25th Edition)

Download Williams Obstetrics (25th Edition) written by Marlene M. Corton, Steven L. Bloom, Kenneth J. Leveno, Catherine Y. Spong, Jodi S. Dashe in EPUB format. This book is under the category Medicine and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1259644324 / 0071798935/9780071798938 / 9781259644320. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Marlene M. Corton, Steven L. Bloom, Kenneth J. Leveno, Catherine Y. Spong, Jodi S. Dashe


McGraw-Hill Education / Medical; 25th edition




1344 pages






1259644324 / 0071798935


9780071798938 / 9781259644320

Book Description

On the topic of obstetrics, the Williams Obstetrics 25th edition PDF ebook is the one that is the most exhaustive, detailed, and meticulously referenced. Written by an author team from the world-renowned Parkland Hospital in the United States, the trademarks of this classic are its scientific base, thoroughness, and practical usefulness for the obstetrician who is treating a patient at the bedside. Williams Obstetrics, now in its twenty-fifth edition, continues to place an emphasis on the scientific basis of the speciality as well as the evidence-based methods now in use. This is made possible by the incorporation of over 3,000 fresh literature citations and guidelines sourced from the most reputable academic and professional organizations.

The 25th edition focuses more on the fetus as a patient and includes a more in-depth discussion of fetal therapy and diagnosis, which is one of the most important new elements of this edition. In addition to this, over a hundred fresh magnetic resonance imaging (MR) and sonographic images of common prenatal anomalies have been included. The textbook has undergone a recent reorganization, which enables it to highlight the several conditions that can make pregnancy more difficult in a more effective manner.

Williams Obstetrics 25th Edition PDF Offers a Convenient, Valuable Textbook for the Busy Practitioner Williams Obstetrics 25th Edition PDF Offers a Convenient, Clinically Relevant Textbook The evidence-based management that is used to improve the outcomes of pregnancies is affected by the relevant new data that is summarized in the PDF download. A significant portion of this information has been helpfully condensed into recently crafted tables as well as diagnostic and therapy algorithms. Throughout the course of the conversation, a variety of sources are referenced to present evidence-based treatment choices for the patient. In addition, the textbook comes with close to 900 illustrations, many of which are either brand new or much improved from previous editions. Sonograms, photos, magnetic resonance images, diagrams, and graphs are all examples of these. Williams Obstetrics, now in its 25th edition, continues to offer physicians what they require to know about the practice of obstetrics, and it does so with an authority and quality of presentation that cannot be found in any other resource.


• One thousand visually appealing images, including up-to-date graphs, MRI scans, pictures, sonograms, and photomicrographs

• An entire section on the diagnosis and treatment of fetal illnesses, as well as providing deeper insights into fetal difficulties that occur in utero.

• Conventional treatment focuses on the several surgical and medical conditions that can make pregnancy more difficult.

• A strong evidence-based approach emphasizes the scientific foundations of clinical obstetrics, with a particular focus on the fundamentals of physiology

• Includes three thousand additional literature citations that are current as of 2017-2018.

• The most recent professional and academic guidelines have been incorporated into the book, and they are presented in tables that are simple to read

There is no other book that can compare to the Williams Obstetrics 25th edition in terms of its long-established scientific rigor and accessibility. This clinical companion is not to be missed because of its cutting-edge design, which includes a review of the newest protocols and breakthroughs, and because it brings the possibility of positive outcomes within reach.

The most authoritative guide on obstetrics available anywhere in the world, now in its 25th edition and with an increased emphasis on maternal-fetal medicine

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