Adolescent Rationality and Development (3rd Edition)

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David Moshman


Routledge; 3rd edition




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Book Description

Frequently cited in scholarly books and journals and praised by college students; this ebook; Adolescent Rationality and Development; 3rd edition; (PDF) focuses on developmental changes and processes in adolescence rather than on the problems and details of daily life. Major developmental changes associated with adolescence are identified. Noted for its exceptionally strong coverage of moral; cognitive; and social development; this brief; inexpensive ebook can be used independently or as a supplement to other textbooks on adolescence.

Highlights of the new 3rd edition include:

  • expanded coverage of thinking and reasoning.
  • a new chapter on metacognition and epistemic cognition.
  • a new chapter on moral principles and perspective-taking.
  • a new chapter on the relation of personal and social identity.
  • expanded coverage of controversies concerning the foundations of morality.
  • a new chapter addressing current controversies concerning the maturity; rationality; and brains of adolescents.
  • more detail on key studies and methodologies and boldfaced key terms and a glossary to highlight and clarify key concepts.

Rather than try to cover everything about adolescence at an elementary level; this book presents and builds on the core issues in the scholarly literature; thus encouraging deeper levels of understanding. The book opens with an introduction to the concepts of adolescence; rationality; and development and then explores the 3 foundational literatures of adolescent development – moral development; cognitive development; and identity formation. The ebook concludes with a more general account of rationality and development in adolescence and beyond.

Appropriate for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses on adolescence or adolescent development offered by departments of psychology; educational psychology; or human development; this brief textbook is also an ideal supplement for courses on social and/or cognitive development; moral development; or lifespan development. The ebook is also appreciated by scholars interested in connections across standard topics and research programs. Prior knowledge of psychology is not assumed.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
……Page 1
Title page……Page 4
Contents……Page 8
Preface……Page 12
Introduction……Page 16
Part I. Cognitive Development……Page 24
1. Piaget’s Theory of Formal Operations……Page 26
2. Inference, Thinking,and Reasoning……Page 46
3. Metacognition and Epistemic Cognition……Page 60
4. The Construction of Rationality……Page 72
Part II. Moral Development……Page 86
5. Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development……Page 88
6. Justice, Care, and Virtue……Page 100
7. Principles and Perspective Taking……Page 112
8. The Construction of Morality……Page 126
Part III. Identity Formation……Page 138
9. Erikson’s Theory of Identity Formation……Page 140
10. Identity as a Theory of Oneself……Page 152
11. Personal and Social Identity……Page 162
12. The Construction of Identity……Page 176
Part IV. Development beyond Childhood……Page 190
13. Rational Moral Identity……Page 192
14. Pluralist Rational Constructivism……Page 204
15. Rationality, Liberty,and Education……Page 216
16. Adolescents as Young Adults……Page 228
Glossary……Page 242
References……Page 248
Author Index……Page 288
Subject Index……Page 296


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