Applied Underwater Acoustics

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Thomas Neighbors, David Bradley






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Book Description

Applied Underwater Acoustics (PDF) caters to the requirements of engineers and scientists who work in the field of underwater acoustics, as well as the requirements of graduate students who are working to solve problems in the field of underwater acoustics or who are writing their theses on subjects related to underwater acoustics. This e-book is organized to provide the foundation for quickly digesting the essential underwater acoustic knowledge base for the purpose of applying such knowledge in practical ways to everyday research and analysis.

Each every chapter of the e-book may stand on its own and focuses on a particular topic while discussing how that topic is related to underwater acoustics. The chapters start off with a concise introduction that discusses the topic’s physical context, provides the essential definitions, and offers a brief explanation of the applications, in addition to providing an overview of the chapter. The most often applied equations that illustrate the topic are included in the explanations of the subtopics that are addressed within each subchapter. Equations are not derived; rather, the emphasis is placed on the assumptions that lie behind equations and the constraints that are placed on the applications of each equation. Tables, figures, and drawings that are relevant to the sub-topic are presented in an easy-to-use format, and examples on how to use the equations, complete with the relevant tables and figures, are also included in this section.



  • Contains an exhaustive list of references to various works of literature for each chapter.


  • Includes contributions from well-known authorities in each respective discipline as chapter authors.


  • Includes discussions on all of the most important aspects of underwater acoustics in a format that is both comprehensive and up to date.


  • Provides coverage of the fundamental information that engineers and scientists require in order to tackle challenges involving underwater acoustics.


  • This book sheds light on the contemporary uses of underwater acoustics by breaking the chapters down into shorter sections and providing practical examples of each.


  • It is not necessary to have any prior understanding of underwater acoustics, and both the physical principles and the mathematics are written in a way that makes them easy to understand for scientists, engineers, and graduate students studying underwater acoustics.



PLEASE TAKE NOTE That the only thing that is included in the purchase is the PDF version of the booklet “Applied Underwater Acoustics.” There are no access codes contained within.

Table of contents

Front Matter,Copyright,Dedication,List of Contributors,PrefaceEntitled to full textChapter 1 – General Characteristics of the Underwater Environment, Pages 1-84, L. Bjørnø, M.J. Buckingham
Chapter 2 – Sound Propagation, Pages 85-184, M.J. Buckingham
Chapter 3 – Sound Propagation Modeling, Pages 185-272, S. Ivansson
Chapter 4 – Absorption of Sound in Seawater, Pages 273-295, T.H. Neighbors III
Chapter 5 – Scattering of Sound, Pages 297-362, L. Bjørnø
Chapter 6 – Ambient Noise, Pages 363-401, L. Bjørnø
Chapter 7 – Shallow-Water Acoustics, Pages 403-467, J.F. Lynch, A.E. Newhall
Chapter 8 – The Seafloor, Pages 469-552, M.D. Richardson, D.R. Jackson
Chapter 9 – Inverse Methods in Underwater Acoustics, Pages 553-585, N.R. Chapman
Chapter 10 – Sonar Systems, Pages 587-742, L. Bjørnø
Chapter 11 – Signal Processing, Pages 743-807, D.A. Abraham
Chapter 12 – Bio- and Fishery Acoustics, Pages 809-855, Ph. Blondel
Chapter 13 – Finite-Amplitude Waves, Pages 857-888, L. Bjørnø
Chapter 14 – Underwater Acoustic Measurements and Their Applications, Pages 889-947, L. Bjørnø
Index, Pages 949-964

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