Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes (2nd Edition)

Download Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes (2nd Edition) written by Stephen J. O’Brien, Alexander S. Graphodatsky, Polina L. Perelman in PDF format. This book is under the category Animals and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1119418038/9781119418030. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Stephen J. O’Brien, Alexander S. Graphodatsky, Polina L. Perelman


Wiley-Blackwell; 2nd edition




958 pages









Book Description

The Revised; New 2nd Edition Of The Popular Collection Of High-Resolution Chromosome Photographs — For Mammologists; Geneticists; And Biologists Interested In Comparative Systematics; Genomics; And Chromosome Structure

Packed with a spectacular and visually exquisite collection of the banded metaphase chromosome karyotypes from over 1;000 species of mammals; the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes; 2nd Edition; (PDF) provides an unabridged compendium of the state of this genomic art form. This ebook; Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes 2e; features the best karyotype produced; the Latin and common name of the species; the published citation; and recognizes the contributing authors. Almost all karyotypes are G-banded; revealing the chromosomal bar codes of homologous segments among interrelated species. The Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes collects together information from an array of cytogenetic literature. It features very high-quality karyotype images for almost every mammal that has been studied to date.

When the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes was first published; only three mammals were sequenced. Nowadays; that number is more than 300. Now in its Second edition; this ebook contains extensive revisions and key additions like new karyotypes that employ C- and G- banding to represent euchromatin and heterochromatin genome composition; new phylogenetic trees for every order; homology segment chromosome information on published aligned chromosome painting. Reviews of the painting data for some species show conserved homology segments among compared species. An essential resource for today’s comparative genomics era; this comprehensive collection of high-resolution chromosome photographs:

  • Functions as a basis for chromosome-level genome assemblies
  • Provides a detailed summation of three decades of ZooFish (chromosome painting)
  • Offers chromosome information and illustrations for the karyotypes of 300 new species
  • Shows high-resolution photos of karyotypes that represent over 1;000 mammal species
  • Addresses the mandate of the Human Genome Project to annotate the genes of other organisms
  • Collects information previously scattered throughout the cytogenetics literature in one comprehensive volume

Written for mammalogists; geneticists; and biologists; the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes provides a big step forward for a deeper understanding of species formation; of genome organization; and of DNA script for natural selection.

NOTE: The product only includes the ebook; Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes; 2nd Edition in PDF. No access codes are included.



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