Developmental Biology (11th Edition)

Download Developmental Biology (11th Edition) written by Scott F. Gilbert, Michael J.F. Barresi in PDF format. This book is under the category Biology and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1605354705/9781605354705. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Scott F. Gilbert, Michael J.F. Barresi


Sinauer Associates is an imprint of Oxford University Press; 11th edition




810 pages









Book Description

An old favorite now has a new coauthor and a fresh perspective: The Eleventh Edition of Developmental Biology (PDF) It maintains the outstanding language, precision, and excitement of the Gilbert Developmental Biology 11e PDF ebook, but it is streamlined, it adds cutting-edge electronic extras, and it produces a new textbook for people who are teaching Developmental Biology to a new generation.

The latest Gilbert and Barresi etextbook features a number of innovative approaches to the classroom setting. There are references made throughout the book to the videos that explain development, as well as to the videos that can be found in Mary Tyler’s Vade Mecum. In addition, various additional helpful new components have been included.

The eleventh edition also includes the following additional updates:

* Significantly more in-depth examination of the evolution of brain structures; organized as its own distinct unit.

* A heightened focus on stem cells, which are explained in great detail and appear rather early on in the book.

* Coverage includes recent research on morphogenesis and differentiation, in addition to recent developments in techniques like CRISPR

* Instead of being near the conclusion of the book, the processes of determining the sexe of an organism and gametogenesis are found early on, before fertilization.

For Students

Website that Accompanies It

The Developmental Biology 11e Companion Website, which has been significantly upgraded for the eleventh edition and is mentioned throughout the electronic textbook, offers students of biology a variety of interesting materials, which fall into the following categories:

* NEW Dev Tutorials: These are professionally created video tutorials that are provided by the authors of the etextbook. They are designed to reinforce essential ideas.

* NEW Watch Development: Putting ideas into practice, these educational movies demonstrate real-world developmental biology processes.

* Web Subjects: These in-depth topics offer additional material for upper-level college students, as well as philosophical, historical, and ethical viewpoints on issues pertaining to developmental biology, in addition to access to further online resources.

* NEW Scientists Speak: Leading specialists in the field of developmental biology discuss various subjects related to developmental biology in these question-and-answer conversations.

* In addition, a comprehensive bibliography of all works that are referenced in the digital textbook (most linked to their PubMed citations).

DevBio Laboratory: Vade Mecum3

Vade Mecum3 is an interactive website that is provided free of charge with every new edition of the textbook. Its primary purpose is to assist college students in better comprehending the creatures that are covered in the lecture and in preparing for the laboratory. The website features videos of developmental processes and laboratory techniques. Additionally, the site contains chapters on the following organisms: slime mold (Dictyostelium discoideum); planarian; sea urchin; fruit fly (Drosophila); chick; and amphibian.

Regarding the Instructors

The Library of Resources for Instructors (available to qualified adopters)

The following are some of the resources that are included in the Instructor’s Resource Library for the Eleventh Edition of Developmental Biology:

* NEW Developing Questions: Answers, references, and suggestions for further reading are supplied for each of the Developing Questions that are posed throughout each chapter so that you and your students can investigate them. This will allow you to better guide their learning.

* Figures and Tables in the Textbook All of the figures, pictures, and tables in the textbook are offered in JPEG format (both high resolution and low resolution), as well as in PowerPoint format. Each image has been enhanced so that it is readable even when it is shown on a large screen in the classroom.

* Video Collection – Includes video segments demonstrating a wide range of developmental processes, in addition to segments from the DevBio Laboratory’s Vade Mecum3 and Differential Expressions2 collections.

* Vade Mecum3 PowerPoints: Chick serial portions and full mounts; supplied in both labeled and unlabeled versions; for use in the creation of quizzes, examinations, or in-class exercises.

* NEW Case Studies in Dev Bio: This new collection of case study problems follows the Dev Tutorials and provides teachers with ready-to-use in-class active learning tasks. This new collection of case study issues can be found in Dev Bio. Students are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained from the course to the critical analysis of data; to generate hypotheses; and to solve novel problems that have arisen in the field of developmental biology as a result of the case studies. This helps to foster deep learning in developmental biology. In each of the case studies, there is a PowerPoint presentation as well as a student handout that contains questions to go along with it.

* The complete lab manual for Mary S. Tyler’s Developmental Biology: A Guide for Experimental Study, Third Edition, which is available in PDF format.



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