Dynamic Covalent Chemistry: Principles; Reactions; and Applications

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Wei Zhang, Yinghua Jin






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1119075637; 1119075726


9781119075639 / 9781119075721

Book Description

Principles, reactions, and applications of dynamic covalent chemistry; This document provides a thorough analysis of the theory, processes, thermodynamic underpinnings, and design concepts behind dynamic covalent systems. It is organized into three main sections that cover the principles of dynamic covalent chemistry, the different kinds of dynamic covalent chemical reactions, and the most recent applications of dynamic covalent chemistry (DCvC) across a variety of different fields. It contains contributions from a team of scientists from different countries all over the world.

(Direct Current vs Conduction) research and industrial applications have made tremendous strides in the past decade. Due to the highly reversible nature of this chemistry as well as its powerful synthetic capabilities, it has been possible to develop a wide variety of functional molecular systems as well as materials for use in a wide variety of applications in organic synthesis, the development of materials, the discovery of new drugs, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. To this day, there is not a single authoritative reference that is devoted solely to this potent synthetic tool, its current applications, or the most encouraging directions for its continued development. This ebook addresses the gaping hole in the canon of world literature by providing exhaustive discussion of the following topics:

  • The energy landscape, the significance of reversibility, the debate between entropy and enthalpy, and the kinetics of chemical reactions
  • The dynamic and covalent construction of discrete molecular structures; the discovery of new drugs and the manufacture of responsive polymers;
  • reactions of a single type, reactions of several types, and reactions that do not involve covalent bonds, with an emphasis on the benefits and drawbacks of each type of reaction.
  • In the field of nanotechnology, important emerging applications of dynamic covalent chemistry include both material- and bio-oriented areas.
  • Examples from real life that define a wide range of industrial applications for organic synthesis, nanotechnology, the development of functional materials, medication delivery, and more

For scientists and researchers working in dynamic covalent chemistry and supramolecular chemistry, Dynamic Covalent Chemistry: Principles, Reactions, and Applications is required reading. This book covers all aspects of dynamic covalent chemistry. In addition, it will be useful for advanced students and academic researchers who are interested in using the principles of (DCvC) in organic synthesis, the development of functional materials, drug discovery nanotechnology, and chemical biology.

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