Evidence-based Gastroenterology and Hepatology (4th Edition)


Download Evidence-based Gastroenterology and Hepatology (4th Edition) written by John W. D. Donald, Brian G. Feagan, Rajiv Jalan, Peter J. Kahrilas in PDF format. This book is under the category Medicine and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1119211387/9781119211389. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.

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John W. D. Donald, Brian G. Feagan, Rajiv Jalan, Peter J. Kahrilas


Wiley-Blackwell; 4th edition




806 pages









Book Description

The revised Evidence-Based Gastroenterology and Hepatology 4th edition (PDF) continues to provide the most current; evidence-based information for determining the appropriate surgical and medical options for diagnosing; screening for; and treating gastrointestinal conditions. With contributions from an international team of leading experts in the field; the latest 4th edition includes practical recommendations for the care of individual patients based on the latest scientific evidence.

The textbook offers a unique resource that takes a completely evidence-based approach and is designed to be an essential tool for gastroenterologists at all levels to consult frequently to improve the management of their time. Chapters review the clinical questions most often encountered by gastroenterologists in their daily practice. The textbook’s evidence (randomized controlled trials; systematic reviews or lower quality trials) and treatment recommendations are rated for quality using the respected GRADE framework. This newly revised edition:

  • Contains contributions from an international; acclaimed editorial team
  • Includes a consistent rating of evidence quality using GRADE framework
  • Puts the focus on the most patient-important; clinical questions likely to be encountered
  • Provides a guide to patient management regimens that are supported by actual evidence
  • Offers seven new chapters on the latest topics relevant to gastroenterology and hepatology

Written for hepatologists; gastroenterologists and specialty trainees in gastroenterology/hepatology; the revised 4th edition of Evidence-Based Gastroenterology and Hepatology offers an evidence-based resource that appraises the evidence for the diagnostic tests and treatment regimens for gastrointestinal and hepatic diseases.

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John W. D. Donald, Brian G. Feagan, Rajiv Jalan, Peter J. Kahrilas


Wiley-Blackwell; 4th edition




806 pages









Table of contents

Table of contents :
Contributors xi

Preface xix

Part I Gastrointestinal disorders

1 Gastroesophageal reflux disease 3
Sabine Roman and Peter J. Kahrilas

2 Barrett’s esophagus 21
Anh D. Nguyen, Stuart J. Spechler, and Kerry B. Dunbar

3 Esophageal motility disorders 35
Gabriel Lang, C. Prakash Gyawali, and Peter J. Kahrilas

4 Eosinophilic esophagitis 50
Craig C. Reed and Evan S. Dellon

5 Ulcer disease and Helicobacter pylori infection: current treatment 68
Naoki Chiba

6 Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-gastropathy and enteropathy 86
Moe H. Kyaw, Alaa Rostom, Katherine Muir, Catherine Dubé, Emilie Jolicoeur, Michel Boucher, Peter Tugwell, George Wells, and Francis K.L. Chan

7 Acute non-variceal gastrointestinal hemorrhage: treatment 110
Kathryn Oakland and Vipul Jairath

8 Functional dyspepsia 127
Sander Veldhuyzen van Zanten

9 Celiac disease: diagnosis, screening, and prognosis 139
Adam S. Faye and Benjamin Lebwohl

10 Therapy for Crohn’s disease 150
Reena Khanna, Barrett G. Levesque, John W.D. McDonald, and Brian G. Feagan

11 Ulcerative colitis 173
Vipul Jairath, John W.D. McDonald, and Brian G. Feagan

12 Pouchitis after restorative proctocolectomy 187
Mathurin Fumery, Siddharth Singh, Darrell S. Pardi, and William J. Sandborn

13 Microscopic colitis: collagenous and lymphocytic colitis 196
Johan Bohr, Fernando Fernández-Bañares, and Ole K. Bonderup

14 Drug-induced diarrhea 208
Bincy P. Abraham, and Joseph H. Sellin

15 Prevention and treatment of travelers’ diarrhea 225
David R. Tribble

16 Metabolic bone disease in gastrointestinal disorders 240
Herman Bami, Arthur N. Lau, and Jonathan D. Adachi

17 Colorectal cancer in ulcerative colitis: surveillance 258
Paul Collins, Bret A. Lashner, and Alastair J.M. Watson

18 Colorectal cancer: population screening and surveillance 271
Catherine Dub´e and Linda Rabeneck

19 Clostridium difficile infections: epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment 284
Lynne V. McFarland, Christina M. Surawicz, and Stephen M. Vindigni

20 Irritable bowel syndrome 306
Alexander C. Ford

21 Intestinal pseudo-obstruction (Ogilvie’s syndrome) 332
Meihuan Chang and Alexander G. Heriot

22 Gallstone disease 342
Kurinchi S. Gurusamy and Brian R. Davidson

23 Acute pancreatitis 353
Kurinchi S. Gurusamy and Brian R. Davidson

Part II Liver disease

24 Acute-on-chronic liver failure: diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment 363
Jane Macnaughtan

25 Acute liver failure: prognosis and management 374
Jennifer Price, Brian J. Hogan, and Banwari Agarwal

26 Infection in cirrhosis 384
Elisa Brauns and Thierry Gustot

27 Liver biopsy 395
Benjamin H. Mullish, Naveenta Kumar, Robert D. Goldin, and Pinelopi Manousou

28 Pregnancy and liver disease 408
J.J. King and R.H. Westbrook

29 Cholangiocarcinoma 425
Peter L. Labib, Giuseppe K. Fusai, and Stephen P. Pereira

30 Noninvasive tests of liver fibrosis 445
Laurent Castera

31 Hepatitis C: treatment 454
Mary D. Cannon, Kosh Agarwal, and Geoffrey Dusheiko

32 Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection: in special situations 470
Eleni Koukoulioti and Thomas Berg

33 Hepatitis B: prognosis and treatment 490
Apostolos Koffas, Upkar Gill, and Patrick Kennedy

34 Alcoholic liver disease, 503
Meritxell Ventura-Cots, Nambi Ndugga, and Ramon Bataller

35 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease 523
Marie Boyle and Quentin M. Anstee

36 Hemochromatosis 547
Gary P. Jeffrey and Paul C. Adams

37 Wilson’s disease 554
Claire Kelly, Aftab Ala, and Michael L. Schilsky

38 Primary biliary cholangitis (formerly primary biliary cirrhosis) 574
Palak J. Trivedi and Gideon M. Hirschfield

39 Autoimmune hepatitis 592
Martha M. Kirstein, Arndt Vogel, and Michael P. Manns

40 Primary sclerosing cholangitis 602
Mette Vesterhus and Tom H. Karlsen

41 Variceal bleeding 619
Damien Leith and Rajeshwar P. Mookerjee

42 Hepatic venous outflow syndromes and splanchnic venous thrombosis 645
Laure Elkrief and Dominique Valla

43 Ascites, hyponatremia, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, and hepatorenal syndrome 662
Salvatore Piano, Marta Tonon, and Paolo Angeli

44 Hepatic encephalopathy: classification, diagnosis, and treatment 676
Radha K. Dhiman and Sahaj Rathi

45 Hepatocellular carcinoma: diagnosis and prognosis 693
Massimo Colombo and Massimo Iavarone

46 Hepatocellular carcinoma: treatment 703
Alexa Childs and Tim Meyer

47 Drug-induced liver disease: mechanism and diagnosis 715
Camilla Stephens, M. Isabel Lucena, and Raúl J. Andrade

48 Liver transplantation: prevention and treatment of rejection 729
François Durand and Claire Francoz

49 Liver transplantation: prevention and treatment of infection 744
Marta Bodro, Javier Fernández, and Asunción Moreno

50 Management of HCV infection after liver transplantation 753
Audrey Coilly, Bruno Roche, and Didier Samuel


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