Healthcare Management: Managed Care Organisations and Instruments (2nd Edition)

Download Healthcare Management: Managed Care Organisations and Instruments (2nd Edition) written by Volker Eric Amelung in PDF format. This book is under the category Health and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 3662595672; 3662595702; 3662595680/9783662595671/ 9783662595701/ 9783662595688. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Volker Eric Amelung


Springer; 2nd edition




261 pages






3662595672; 3662595702; 3662595680


9783662595671/ 9783662595701/ 9783662595688

Book Description

The second edition of Healthcare Management offers a comprehensive and methodical overview of the organizational types and administration tools that are used in managed care. The book is available in PDF format.

Managed care is becoming an increasingly central topic in discussions taking place all over the world concerning the structure of healthcare delivery systems. Over the course of the previous two decades, managed care strategies have had a significant influence on healthcare methods, mostly in terms of affected person orientation, high quality, and efficiency. It is generally agreed upon amongst professionals that implementing high-quality managed care strategies might save as much as twenty percent of the money that is spent on medical care. Not only is it possible to save costs by applying the appropriate organizational types and management principles, but it is also possible to improve the overall quality of the medical services that are provided. Therefore, managed care is significantly more than just a method for reducing costs.

Managed care’s proponents see it as a natural and necessary next stage in the evolution of today’s healthcare systems, hence they believe it should be implemented. Instead of being perceived as in conflict with one another, an increase in quality along with a decrease in price ought to be considered as consistent with one another. As a result, managed care is an answer to the inherent difficulties that exist within the delivery of healthcare.

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xix
Front Matter ….Pages 1-1
Definitions and Concepts (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 3-15
Main Characteristics of the American Healthcare System (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 17-26
Theoretical Concepts for the Assessment of Managed Care (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 27-42
Front Matter ….Pages 43-43
Preliminary Remarks (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 45-48
Insurance-Based Managed Care Organisations and Products (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 49-66
Provider-Based Managed Care Organisations and Products (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 67-85
Institutions in the Managed Care Environment (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 87-95
Conclusion (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 97-99
Front Matter ….Pages 101-101
Contract Design (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 103-118
Compensation Systems (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 119-148
Quality Management (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 149-193
Cost Management (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 195-211
Evaluation Procedure (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 213-237
Front Matter ….Pages 239-239
Preliminary Remarks (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 241-243
Cost Effects of Managed Care (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 245-246
Quality Effects of Managed Care (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 247-249
Access Effects of Managed Care (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 251-252
Acceptance of Managed Care (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 253-255
Conclusion (Volker Eric Amelung)….Pages 257-258
Back Matter ….Pages 259-261

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