Malignant Growth: Creating the Modern Cancer Research Establishment; 1875–1915

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Alan I Marcus


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Within the context of Malignant Growth: Creating the Modern Cancer Research Establishment; 1875–1915; (PDF) Alan I. Marcus examines a period in the history of cancer that has been relatively understudied. He does this by providing a cautious investigation of the first public campaign to seek out the cause of cancer. During an exciting time in the history of bacteriology, the Germ Theory of Disease cast a shadow over the search for the cause of the majority of cancers. Researchers in academia had shown, using illness after illness as examples, that each and every illness was the result of a specific and unique pathogenic agent. This model led investigators to the hopeful conclusion that they would soon discover the source of what was dubbed the “emperor of all maladies;” instances of which appeared to be rising at a phenomenal rate all over the world.

In this comprehensible historical past of drugs and science, Marcus reveals the complicated story of the efforts that were made from 1875 to 1915 to first understand and, failing that, to manage most cancers—a dual strategy that continues to be in effect right this moment. Marcus additionally discusses how the medical and scientific communities have labored together to combat most cancers. He exposes the messiness of real-time scientific research by tracing the repeated lists of guarantees, discoveries of hope, and the inevitable depression that always followed afterward. There were also other obstacles in the way of the investigation, such as competition between laboratories, inconsistency in the test requirements, and distrust. Researchers looked at cancer from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, together with botany, chemistry, scientific medication, zoology, nutrition, pathology, bacteriology, and microbiology. Regardless of the fact that every one of them came from completely different fields, they all persistently maintained that cancer labored in the identical method as other bacteriological illnesses.

This primary war against cancer was fought by almost every nation, as well as by a large number of different investigators and clinicians, all of whom worked in a surprising variety of scientific venues. The first line of defense against the majority of cancers has resulted in the establishment of cancer research facilities and hospitals, as well as organizations such as the American Cancer Society. In spite of the fact that cancer is still spreading at this time, organizations that were initially established over a century ago with the purpose of combating cancer are still in existence and continue to develop.


“This ebook is a fascinating and in-depth investigation of a subject that has received a disproportionately low amount of attention. The work unquestionably has implications for the cancer research that we are conducting at the present time. — Alright, let’s talk about Codell Carter, the man behind “The Rise of Causal Concepts of Disease.”

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